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XpertEquine™ now offers a game-changing solution to help your horse get the rest he needs, in artificial and varying light conditions, with the new, patent-pending REM® Restorative Equine Mask.

Developed and clinically proven by veterinarians, the REM mask ensures that your horse gets a good night’s sleep, even with the lights on. It’s clinically proven to facilitate the melatonin rise needed for sleep and recovery, improving overall performance. In clinical studies, horses wearing REM masks showed substantial increases in melatonin levels even while under continuous lights, while horses housed under the same light conditions without the masks had melatonin levels below the measurable threshold.

The REM mask features eye coverings made of a special material that blocks blue light from entering the eye and keeping your horse awake at night. The mask design is safe for equine eyes, and shatter and scratch-resistant. Additionally, the patched-style mask can help horses with eye injuries and can help ease travel anxiety.

NRHA Two Million Dollar Rider Casey Deary piloted Americas Supermodel, a 5-year-old mare, to the 2020 AQHA World Championship Show Junior Reining title and said using the REM mask helped his mare seem more rested and settled in at the marathon-length event.

“The first day at the show, we didn’t use the mask,” Deary admitted. “As usual at shows, it took her a little longer to settle in and be ready to work. So, we tried the mask that night, and the next day when I threw my leg over her, she seemed more mellow and went right to work.”

The XpertEquine REM mask comes in sizes small through extra-large. It fits like a fly mask, so doesn’t cause extra distress to most horses. Learn more about the science behind the mask, where to buy one, and how it works at XpertEquine.com.


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