Donation made to Rodeo Stronger helps feed and care for rodeo stock during COVID-19 event cancelations

Cargill partnered with Rodeo Stronger by providing a $50,000 donation toward grants for rodeo animal athletes in need. Rodeo Stronger is an initiative of the St. Paul Rodeo Foundation to help provide financial resources for the care of rodeo livestock during times of crisis.

Rodeo Stronger, created in May 2020 as a response to COVID-19 event cancellations, delivers financial assistance to rodeo stock contractors in need. So far, Rodeo Stronger has provided nearly $50,000 in grants to stock contractors around the country. With this generous donation from Cargill, Rodeo Stronger can process additional grants for stock contractors in need.

“In St. Paul, we are working with our nonprofit partners like Rodeo Stronger to ensure everyone in our community has the resources they need during this unprecedented time,” said Cargill Cares chair Star Stater of Cargill Animal Nutrition and Health. “We are inspired by the agriculture community who is working to ensure both people and animals are cared for and that no one goes hungry.”

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the men and women who own the bucking horses and bulls, steers and calves that compete in rodeo can apply for funds to help feed and house livestock or pay for medicine and veterinary care.

“We are grateful to Cargill for supporting Rodeo Stronger,” St. Paul Rodeo Association President Randy Ernst said. “The St. Paul Rodeo and St. Paul Rodeo Foundation are pleased to give back to our rodeo family in some way during these uncertain times. The rodeo livestock hold a special place in our hearts here in St. Paul, Oregon, and we can’t thank everyone enough who has supported our efforts to keep them healthy and well-fed. The donation from Cargill is a huge shot in the arm for our efforts.”

Rodeo Stronger is a 501c3 organization, so donations are tax deductible. The Rodeo Stronger initiative is for all professional rodeo stock contractors who prioritize high-quality care for rodeo livestock. More information about ways to get involved can be found at


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