NOVEMBER 28, 2023 — STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS — The American Breeders Elite Incentive is coming to Stephenville, Texas, and is now offering the same unique and lucrative opportunities to American breeders, stallion owners and competitors as its Canadian counterpart. 

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The Breeders Elite, one of Canada’s leading barrel horse incentive programs, was first founded in 2021 in Alberta, Canada. Helen Nowosad, along with friends Christine Drisner and Colin Balan, brought the incentive to life with a very different approach. 

Instead of being just a stallion incentive like most, they incorporated all the breeders’ offspring, regardless of sire. What this meant for breeders is that they are now not limited to breeding to a certain stallion for incentive eligibility — simply, all horses bred in their program are eligible for huge incentive payouts. This approach opened doors for offspring from their entire breeding operation for as long as they have been breeding horses.

The incentive has no foal nomination fees, and all offspring of nominated stallions also get a crack at the incentive purse. In Canada, the Breeders Elite 2023 Futurity Sweepstakes champion alone earned $37,000. The American Breeders Elite has been structured with the same principles of huge incentive purses for which all of a breeder’s horses can run, making it an economical investment for all. 

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After three years of proven success for The Breeders Elite incentive in Canada and payouts closing in three-quarters of $1 million, The American Breeders Elite incentive has been launched under the guidance of Helen Nowosad along with trusted advisors helping with the success of the program, Joleen Hales, Kay Young and Lee Ann Rust, to name a few.

The new program is limited to 200 breeder slots, and if bought in before the January 1, 2024, deadline, the fee is $5,000 per breeder slot, which includes all the horses the breeder has bred and all the offspring of one stallion. Additional stallions the breeder owns can be nominated for $1,500 per stallion. The cost is $500 to reserve a breeder slot before January 1, with balance due in February before entries for the event open. 

Jennifer Hewko turns barrel at The Breeders Elite Incentive Race
Jennifer Hewko won the 2023 BEI Open in Canada, banking a total of over $17,000 in earnings from the event. Photo by Covy Moore courtesy The Breeders Elite

With all breeder slots sold, The American Breeders Elite projects an $800,000 weekend payout at its inaugural April event before entry fees — all payouts grow with entries. One big annual event with a concentrated big-check payout has classes for all. The biggest payout class is the Open 4D, so every horse can compete, in addition to a 2D Futurity, 2D Derby and 3D Youth, all with substantial payouts for not only the owners but the breeders and stallion owners as well, projecting over $400,000 in breeder and stallion owner payout.

The American Breeders Elite is on a mission to pay back the breeders and stallion owners who make the incentive possible, providing international recognition for their dedication to the industry. 

The American Breeders Elite Incentive inaugural event is booked at the Circle T Arena in Hamilton, Texas, from April 4–7, 2024, with North Texas favorite Colton Dugan prepping the ground for the elite group of horses that get the privilege to compete. 

Event eligibility comes from one of three ways — bred by a nominated breeder, sired by a nominated stallion or be a nominated stallion himself.

Follow The American Breeders Elite on Facebook and Instagram for event updates. Barrel horse breeders and stallion owners are encouraged to enroll their programs and stallions quickly, as breeder slots are limited, so their whole program will be eligible to compete for the elite purse in April 2024.

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