“When I first came up with the idea of having a barrel race to give horses a second chance, there was no specific breed
in mind. As things progressed, and the Ultimate X Showdown Barrel Race became a reality, of course the off-the-track
Thoroughbred (OTTB) was the perfect choice, although at the time, I did not even own one,” said Jackie. “I decided that
as we moved into year two of the event, I had better put my money where my mouth is and after a careful search, this
mare just fit the bill perfectly.”
Pookie’s Princess arrived at Patrick King’s Horsemanship just five days after her last race on November 11, 2013. The
trainer, a former student of the legendary Ray Hunt, is known widely as the “Classical Cowboy” with clients in disciplines
as widely varied as 4-H trail riders to Olympic-level dressage riders. The idea to televise Pookie’s progress came to
Patrick after a discussion with Jackie on how to promote the 2014 Ultimate X Showdown Barrel Race (which features
OTTBS exclusively in competition). “I love the Thoroughbred breed-they show their grace and beauty in every
movement,” said Patrick. “I thought we could use this mare’s experience with us as a way to show other people not only
what great horses they can be in the second careers, but perhaps a better way to approach it as well.”
Patrick King Horsemanship will be donating all time and training to promoting Project X and the Ultimate X Showdown
through its work with Pookie’s Princess. The funding for the video production of the show is being sought through
individual or corporate sponsors. Interested parties should contact Jackie Harris, founder of Dreaming of Three by
emailing [email protected] or calling 724-272-3351. The first episode has been filmed and should be posted
for public viewing in the coming days.

About Dreaming of Three: Dreaming of Three is a 501©3 non-profit organization dedicated to charitable fund raising
through our passion of horses and rodeo. We raise funds for American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, St.
Judes Children’s Hospital and several animal rescues. Whether you compete on your horse, rodeo, or leisurely trail ride,
you can join us and make your riding more meaningful. Originally the name came from the Founder, Jackie Harris,
deciding to donate her own winnings to the three charities after losing her step father to cancer and her father to heart
disease through her passion of barrel racing, which consists of THREE barrels. Then, as time went by, it grew into so
much more. More information on our missions and structure at www.dreamingofthree.org


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