The Pink Buckle is excited to announce the launch of a new barrel racing stallion incentive and regional event series, the Ruby Buckle.

The Ruby Buckle is modeled after the Pink Buckle stallion incentive program and has similar rules and structure.

Regional barrel races are only open to nominated progeny of Ruby Buckle-enrolled stallions. There is a maximum of 150 stallions allowed in the program, each paying an annual enrollment of $7,000, compared to the Pink Buckle stallions’ annual enrollment of $25,000. The 50 Pink Buckle stallions will be automatically enrolled in the Ruby Buckle and included in the roster of 150 Ruby Buckle sires.

The owners of eligible progeny must pay an annual $200 nomination fee to keep their horses eligible. This nomination payment has to be paid each year for a horse to be eligible to compete in the races.

The Ruby Buckle races are estimated to pay $1.6 million in its first year, which would be split equally between three regional events, each one paying $533,333. At each of the regional races, there will be a $100,000 Pink Buckle side-pot for Pink Buckle-eligible horses only. The Ruby Buckle will consist of a barrel futurity and open 4D with 1/2 second splits.

The goals are to increase the amount of regional races as the program grows. The regional races will be held in strategic locations to make the program desirable to all mare owners and race contestants nationwide.

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