Information will be presented about drug-resistant parasites and owners will be taught how to maximize the effectiveness of their deworming programs.

“There is a lot of old information out there and tons of myths that need clarification,” said Julie Carroll, a Veterinary Parasitologist with Eggzamin. “Our goal is to clear-up the confusion with accurate information and help people prevent the further development of anthelminitc resistance by reducing our reliance on chemical dewormers.”

What to expect from this workshop:
* Learn how to appropriately manage parasites in your horse(s)
* Perform your own fecal egg counts
* Ensure the proper use of deworming chemicals
* Help stop the advancement of drug-resistant parasites

What to bring:
*Fecal samples from your own horses to test, or we can provide samples for you.
*Something to take notes on might also be beneficial.

Seats are limited to the first 35 people. The Texas A&M University Office of Veterinary Continuing Education will be awarding CE hours for this workshop.

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