Medical Lake, Washington, veterinarian and National Finals Rodeo qualifier Kathy Grimes and KG Justicweexpected have been together since, literally, the mare’s very beginning of life. Kathy shares a bit about her and “Issy’s” partnership outside the arena.

KGJusticeweexpected NFR webKathy Grimes says her NFR mare “Issy” is much like celebrated female racecar driver Danica Patrick—“fast, smart, beautiful and all business.” Photo by Kenneth Springer.

First Memory Together
I raised her from a little embryo. I saw her in a dish when she was 8 days old—she was my first embryo transfer endeavor, so she’s just special. She has crossed so many things off my barrel racing bucket list; it’s amazing.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Horse
You just think you may never have a horse like this. They all work so hard for us, and they’re so amazing how they do it and tolerate all the travel and everything.

Around the Barn
She really likes people. She’s the dominant mare, so she’s bossy over everyone else. She’s all business and really fast! I just have to try to stay with her.

Special Quirks
She likes to have friends even though she wants them to stay their distance, so I do try to bring a friend with her, which is easy because I’m always bringing youngsters along too, so she likes to have friends.

A Few of Her Favorite Things KGJusticeweexpected careerEqui-Stat statistics as of March 2018.
When we get back to the trailer she likes her bucket of water, and then her treats. She likes Nicker Makers and carrots too, but those are harder to always have fresh, so we go with the treats.

Leading Lady
If she were a celebrity, she would be like Danica Patrick the racecar driver. She’s fast, smart, beautiful and all business.

Originally published in the May 2018 issue of Barrel Horse News


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