You have a passion for riding and building a deep connection with your horse. With a commitment to
your equine partner’s wellbeing, you’re always on the look-out for the best tack and equipment. One of the most important pieces of tack you’ll select for your horse is a saddle pad. When you consider your horse’s back absorbs a significant amount of repeated impact, known as repetitive concussion, it makes it that much more important to select the best saddle pad for your horse’s needs.

There are so many saddle pad options on the market today that it can sometimes be a challenge to know which one is right for your horse. Saddle pad technology is constantly advancing and it’s important to understand the benefits of the different saddle pad materials that are available in order to make an informed decision.

You may have seen pads constructed from steam pressed wool felt but are not quite sure of the benefits of this premium material. Below is an overview of the top benefits of steam pressed wool like that found in select pads in Weaver Leather’s line of saddle pads.

A Saddle Pad Stand-Out
Steam Pressed 100% Merino Wool at a Glance

  1. Moisture Wicking – F1-rated 100% merino wool wicks up to 8x its weight in moisture, removing heat and sweat to keep your horse cool and comfortable.
  2. High Tensile Strength – A 500 PSI tensile strength offers you the ultimate in durability for a reliable pad that goes the distance.
  3. Compression Protection – Features a 21 PSI compression rating that excels at protecting your horse from pressure points.
  4. Enduring Performance – Impervious to the effects of sunlight and oxidation, steam pressed felt offers long-lasting dependability.

If the benefits of steam pressed wool felt sound like the right fit for your horse, be sure to check out the Synergy Steam Pressed 100% Merino Wool Felt Saddle Pads available from Weaver Leather.

Handcrafted from the finest materials and skilled American workmanship, these pads offer performance you can depend on with every ride. A leather contoured spine provides wither relief and keeps the pad lifted into the saddle gullet for increased airflow and to lock the pad in place. The addition of extended length wear leathers made from premium oiled top grain leather provides extra pad durability.

In standard contoured or contoured close contact options that has a butterfly cutaway design that gives you increased leg contact, Weaver Leather’s Synergy Steam Pressed 100% Merino Wool Felt Saddle Pads are great for a wide range of horses and riders. Backed by a No-Risk, 90-Day Test Ride Guarantee, these pads range in price from $180.00 to $227.00. Be sure to check out the entire line of Synergy Saddle Pads at


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