Amber Mostoller Wrye is no stranger to rodeos. Growing up in a rodeo family, her mother ran barrels and her father rode bulls and bareback horses, she’s continuing the family tradition by racing her own and client’s horses. 

“I’ve always been a gypsy, traveling with my parents, and now with my husband, Heath Wrye, who is a team roper,” said Wrye, 34, from her home in Murray, Kentucky. “We have 14 horses in the barn right now, four of our own and then others that I ride for clients. With our lifestyle, we don’t have any children yet, so all of our ‘kids’ are fur-babies” in the form of four dogs and a cat. 

Wrye has been to the IFR six times, the American Semi-Finals, and the Great Lakes Circuit Finals, many times riding a client’s horses. “I ride them, and then they sell,” she said, “but I have one of my own right now that I am very partial to.  I send all my videos from each rodeo to my mom for critique. She said, ‘Amber, I know a good horse when I see it, and you need to keep that one.’”

“Her name is JTD Lady at Six and she is the last full sibling to JTD Truly Streakin, who is the first horse I ever got to ride by Sixarun Ryan. I’ve had a lot of success with this bloodline, so she’s really special to me. I have six horses here that are Sixarun Ryan bred and they were all bred and raised by the JTD farm who owned that stallion. I’m really pleased that my broodmare, Docs Idaho Gold (better known as Mighty Mouse) is back in my barn. She is the first horse I ever made the IFR and circuit finals on. I sold her several years ago and had the opportunity to buy her back. I finally got her bred after a few years of trying, and this year she gave me a beautiful filly by JTD Sugar Boy Ryan, that is a son of Sixarun Ryan out of an A Sharp Leo mare. I have high hopes that she’ll be my next superstar!”

 Keeping their horses healthy and able to travel and compete can be challenging, and Banixx is a regular part of their routine.

Pictured here is a cut on a horse’s leg that Amber used Banixx to treat.

Wrye said, “Between the dogs and the horses, someone always has a cut or scratch. We have a high-tensile fence, which we want to upgrade, but until then, the horses always seem to have little everyday cuts and scrapes. Banixx helps keep those infections down, so we don’t have as many vet bills, which saves money, and I don’t have to worry as much. We’re surrounded on three sides by corn fields, and the dogs are always running in them, getting their own cuts and scrapes. One of them is part-Labrador and part Pitbull. She always seems to have skin irritations, and we use Banixx all the time on her as well. Banixx has several really great products and I am very thankful for all of their support!”

Amber can use the same bottle of Banixx that she uses on her horse for any skin or injuries, also on her pup, cat and pet hedgehog!…if she had one..ha! The same product that Amber uses to keep any white-line at bay can be used to cure an odd bit of facial fungus that chestnut steeds love to develop in a hot, humid summer! She never has to worry if she left her Banixx in the horse trailer, no matter the heat or freezing temperatures, as extreme temperatures do not affect Banixx’ viability. Amber trusts that Banixx will last and knows that it’s the best product to use to keep her animals healthy! 

Written by Debbie Curtis 



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