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Your horse’s water intake this winter can make or break his health. Plan now to ensure that he has access to clean, fresh water, even on the coldest days.

We’re not ready for summer to end, but we horse owners know that colder temperatures, icy conditions, and winter are coming. Take time now to prepare your barn and your horses so you’re not caught off guard by the first flakes or ice storms that can complicate winter horsekeeping. Possibly the most important winter-prep step you can take is setting your horse up with clean, safe drinking water for the cold months to come, and into warmer spring and summer weather.

Why Winter Water Matters

Your horse’s body is 65 percent to 70 percent water, so his water intake could make or break his health, especially in cold winter months. Water consumption is critical to keep his digestive tract functioning and to lessen chances of colic. Plus, the digestion of water and feed help keep him warm. Access to drinkable (i.e., not frozen), clean, fresh water sources are key to keeping him going all winter, whether it’s light riding to keep him legged up, and in a continued competitive schedule.

winter water for horses

Classic Equine by Ritchie automatic waterers ensure that your horse has full-time access to clean, drinkable water, even in the coldest temperatures. The UltraFount Single and Two-Drink models are the most frost-free waterers in the Classic Equine by Ritchie automatic waterer lineup, so they’re ideal for winter. The UltraFount can take care of your entire herd—the UltraFount Two-Drink serves up to 40, and the UltraFount Single provides water for up to 20 head of livestock.

Bye-Bye, Tanks and Inconvenient Heaters

Raise your hand if you’ve gone out to feed in the morning only to find that your tank heater has failed and you have an inch of ice on top of your horse’s tank? Or maybe you delayed installing the heater, and that first icy night snuck up on you and your horse? In both situations, you face extra work breaking ice, waste from the ice that gets tossed out of the tank, and a potential mess when things warm up and that ice melts into mud. And what about cleaning a tank in the winter? No thanks!

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The UltraFount Classic Equine by Ritchie automatic waterers feature a reliable, energy-efficient heating system that keeps your horses’ water at the perfect drinking temperature, no matter how cold the conditions get around it. The self-regulating heater turns itself on and off as needed, so there’s no wasted energy on those warmer days. It also offers a float to keep full-time access to clean water for regular drinking, so you’re not out in the cold, hauling hose to fill a tank.

Convenient, Reliable Year-Round

On top of being a handy winter-horsekeeping tool, the UltraFount waterer is clean and tidy year-round thanks to its heavy-duty construction and stainless-steel drinking area. It’s also virtually maintenance-free and has a large access panel for easy installation. Top that off with a 10-year warranty, and you can’t deny the value and confidence it’ll provide when thinking about your horse’s water consumption.

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Order your Classic Equine by Ritchie automatic waterers today, and get to planning where your horses will need water this winter. If your horses live in the barn, look into one of the StallFounts. A warmer climate might mean an AutoFount (insulated chamber; no heater) might suffice. But if you have harsh, cold winters, be sure to look into the UltraFount model that’s best for your herd. Your property set-up and this short video will help you pick the perfect waterer/s to ensure that your horses have access to clean, fresh, warm water year-round and save you extra work. Visit ClassicEquinebyRitchie.com today to get started and make winter horsekeeping easier for all.


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