Breaking news: Experts predict the spring weather conditions could lead to one of the worst fly seasons we’ve seen in years. Are you ready? Arm yourself with the most effective, safest, and most reliable fly gear for your horses so you can win the fly battle this spring and summer and keep your horse healthy and happy.

Masks Galore

A good mask can change your horse’s life, from his happiness in the pasture to his comfort in his stall to his demeanor in the trailer. Cashel’s Crusader line offers every design feature imaginable to keep your barrel horse’s face fly-free without the hassle and potential irritation of applying topicals and sprays in sensitive areas.

You’re familiar with a standard fly mask, but some horses have more extensive needs for fly protection. Try a long-nose mask to extend protection all the way down to your horse’s sensitive muzzle. Bonus: This coverage also protects from harmful UVB rays that can burn pink skin. No more worries about applying sunscreen. Ears can be quite fly-sensitive, too, and can be easily irritated by biting mites and ticks that fall from trees. Choose a mask with ear coverage that offers protection without making your horse uncomfortable. The Crusader line comes in many patterns and colors top fit your style, and it offers an opening for your horse’s forelock, so you don’t have to worry about rubbing and hair breakage.

We all know the flies don’t just stay at the barn. They follow your horse everywhere and can tank a great training session. That’s why Cashel offers an entire line of Quiet Ride masks that are perfect for riding in the arena, and they include the same special options as the Crusader line.

And if basic is more your thing, Cashel has you covered there, too, with the simple style of the Econo Fly Mask, which comes with or without ear coverage.

Body Armor

While faces are prime targets for flies, necks, barrels and underbellies, and legs need protection, too. Cashel offers various levels of fly sheets, neck guards, and belly guards that offer adjustable belly and leg straps, shoulder gussets, and hindquarter darts. Bonus: Did you know you can hose down your fly sheet on a hot day, and the evaporative-cooling effects will help your horse’s body stay cooler?

Stomping to fight flies isn’t just annoying—it can lead to lower-leg injuries that can keep you from running this summer. Wrap up and protect those sensitive limbs with Crusader Leg Guards, which cover from just below the knee all the way down to the coronary band and come in a variety of colors.

Finally, the Quiet Ride™ line offers options to protect your horse’s body with fly gear that won’t interfere with your saddle time, but will deter flying insects from ruining your ride. From the Bug Armor, which covers almost the entire neck, shoulder, and hindquarters, to a hood and a belly guard, your horse won’t be distracted by flies and other insects.

All About Materials, Construction

In all of its fly-protection products, Cashel uses fabrics and construction that put your horse’s comfort first, from bindings to adjustable straps and closures. The Crusader line features soft, coated nylon micromesh that’s durable, yet comfortable. It also blocks 70% of the sun’s damaging rays, preventing sunburns and coat-bleaching. The Econo line of fly-protection basics uses lightweight mesh that reduces sun exposure while keeping flies off your horse. The fly sheets are made of breathable mesh that doesn’t cause overheating, even on hot days. Contoured shoulders and belly flaps provide a comfortable, protective fit. The Quiet Ride line comes in black and provides a comfortable, cool fit for coverage during every ride.

Protective fly gear is proven to keep flies off sensitive skin—it provides a physical barrier against annoying, disease-carrying flying insects, which sprays and topicals can’t guarantee. So, when the flies descend on your barn this spring and summer, will you be ready? Find all the fly gear you need, and other trusted Cashel Company products, at your favorite authorized retailer. For more information and to locate a dealer nearest you, visit Remember to follow Cashel on Facebook and Instagram.

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