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Time spent in the saddle is time well spent. It is your time to relax, to re-center, to escape from the hectic day-to-day grind. Whether you are putting the work in for your next big run or watching your little girl get just as excited as you once did turning a barrel at your local playday, time in the saddle is always worthwhile. 

The many hours of preparation and performance in the arena put strain on your horse. Your horse works hard for you and needs comfort and protection to perform to the best of its ability. 

Protect Your Performance Horse with a Custom 5 Star pad 

  • 5 Star Pads are made from only the finest quality 100% pure wool and therefore provide all the properties and qualities associated with all-natural wool. 
  • 5 Star Pads are breathable and remove heat away from your horse while also drawing moisture and sweat away from your horse’s back therefore keeping them cooler and dryer. 
  • 5 Star pads are proven to protect against saddle pressure points on your horse’s back and do not trap heat like other pads that are made with or contain synthetic materials. 

5 star custom saddle pad

5 Star pads are handcrafted in the United States by skilled craftsmen and women that are dedicated to using the highest quality materials available to create your one-of-a-kind custom 5 Star pad. 5 Star pads are proven to wick sweat and remove heat from your horse’s back while offering the impact protection that your horse needs to perform day in and day out. 

5 star custom saddle pad with fringe

The 5 Star barrel pad has limitless combinations available for you to customize your pad. With eight different wool color options, approximately 50 wear leather options, spots, crystals, buck-stitch, fringe and embroidery; you can design a custom 5 Star pad that not only is fashionable but also offers the performance that your horse needs! 

5 Star’s online interactive pad designer now offers more customization options! With new embroidery designs and more locations, you can truly customize your one-of-a-kind pad! Visit www.5starequine.com to build your dream pad today! 

Don’t risk your horse’s health with an inferior product or replica. Choose genuine 5 Star saddle pads to protect your horse. 5 Star offers 100% pure wool pads for every horse and discipline, 100% mohair cinches and breast collars as well as their new high-quality leather headstalls and reins.

All 5 Star Equine Products are Handmade in the USA! Visit 5starequineproducts.com to see all of our fine, quality products.


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