Lumps, bumps, inflamed, reactive skin, respiratory issues or other equine allergies? Now is the time to start using KineticVet’s EquiShield SA (Skin & Allergy) Powder!

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EquiShield SA Powder is an easy-to-feed daily supplement that prevents allergic reactions and promotes skin health. While there is no cure for equine allergies, you can manage them efficiently with KineticVet’s EquiShield SA (Skin & Allergy) Powder. 

EquiShield SA supplement for Equine Allergies

Benefits of EquiShield SA:

  • Balances immune response
  • Drug-free
  • Allergy management without the side effects of corticosteroids
  • Supports skin hydration 
  • All natural ingredients like rice bran, ground stabilized flaxseed and quercetin*

(*Quercetin is a natural antihistamine that possesses strong anti-inflammatory activity!)

EquiShield SA (Skin & Allergy) Powder is specifically formulated for the horse suffering from allergies. EquiShield SA Powder contains powerful ingredients to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to your horse.  Forget about using harmful steroids and over-the-counter gimmicks. 

EquiShield SA supplement for Equine Allergies

EquiShield SA Powder Ingredient Table

  • Quercetin-A natural anti-histamine, effective in reducing inflammation
  • Ground Stabilized Flaxseed-Helps reduce immune response to common allergens
  • Sodium Hyaluronate-Maintains hydration and health of skin
  • MSM-Anti-inflammatory
  • Vitamin E-An anti-oxidant that is essential for maintenance of healthy skin and skin hydration
  • Rice Bran-Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory

EquiShield SA Powder Works, just ask our customers!

“When I first started [my horse] on EquiShield SA, I could barely ride or walk him because his allergies and heaves were so bad. [Since then] he’s been worked all summer and is fit and happier than I have seen him in the past year. Your product saved my horse and has given me the opportunity to still ride and show him.  EquiShield SA has been a life saver for us!!”  – Kandice

“Approximately 5 weeks in using EquiShield SA Powder and I’m already seeing a difference. My mare’s skin allergies have been so bad that I contemplated moving her back to New Hampshire from Florida…..she has been covered in hives and rubbed her thick beautiful mane off, but she finally stopped rubbing and scratching!  I think we can stay in Florida now!”  -Janet

EquiShield SA is available in a 2 lb tub and 12 lb tub. To order, contact your veterinarian or other animal health distributor. Visit or call 1-877-786-9882 for more info.  


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