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Feeding your horse is at least a twice-daily endeavor, in most cases sometimes more. So why not make it as easy as possible? Thanks to a few gadgets and tools, you can fulfill almost any need and solve any problem you encounter when getting that green gold to your horse.

Take It Slow

Cashel Hay Bag - slow feed bag
Cashel Slow Feed Top-Load Hay Bag

Slow feeders can make a big difference in your horse’s health by making him work for his hay. Traditionally, hay nets were everyone’s go-to method, but nets can be such a hassle to fill. If you love a good old fashion hay net, don’t worry, Cashel makes those too. 

The Cashel Slow Feed Top-Load Hay Bag makes filling a one-handed job, thanks to its large top opening that closes with a handy hook and loop secured flap.

  • The bag itself is made of tough poly for long-lasting durability and has a mesh bottom to allow unwanted dirt to escape
  • Hang it on a fence, at your trailer, or in a stall
  • The no-spin, adjustable back strap keeps the bag in place no matter where you use it

The Slow Feed hay bag measures 24.5-by-20-by-9.5 inches, and the feed squares measure 2.5 inches. With a variety of colors and patterns, your horse will be eating in style. Not to mention the Cashel Slow Feed hay bag saves on hay waste too!

Keep It Simple

Cashel Hay Bag
Cashel Hay Bag

There are a few traditional ways to serve hay that are simple, affordable, and reliable. Cashel Company has those bases covered. The Cashel Hay Bag is made of tough nylon and holds up to three flakes of hay.

Solid rods at the top make loading effortless, and the two top straps along with bottom D-rings keep the bag from spinning. The tough double-weave mesh allows dirt to fall out the bottom without losing leaves.

Need to serve a larger meal? The Mesh Stall Hay Bag from Cashel holds four or five large flakes! It is the ideal option for when you need the hay to last a long time in a stall, on a highline, or at an event.

Cashel Mesh stall hay bag
Cashel Mesh Stall Hay Bag

The tried-and-true Hay Net from Cashel holds up to three flakes of hay. The extra-long drawstring allows you maximum flexibility when hanging options are limited. Choose from a variety of colors to match your barn’s theme, and at only $16.99 you can’t lose.

Cashel Hay Net

Don’t Cut Out Corners

Cashel Corner Feeder
Cashel Corner Feeder

A trailer, stall,or paddock corner can be a great place to feed your horse, and Cashel Company’s Corner Feeder is an optimal choice. This feeder stays out of the way and best utilizes space to keep sides clear from obstruction. 

Whether your horse is stalled or riding in a slant-load trailer, the Corner Feeder makes feeding convenient and easy. The mesh bottom allows dirt to escape, and the seams are reinforced with nylon webbing for added durability.

It features adjustable straps and comes in two size options: small (27.5-by-14-by-13-by-10.5 inches) and large (33-by-30-by-26-by-10.5).

Get a Handle

Cashel Hay Hanger
Cashel Hay Handler

Have you ever made it to work with hay in your dress shoes, or hay in your scrub pocket? Even though we don’t intend to, we all go feed when we’re already dressed for work, or dressed for a trip to town. 

The Cashel Company Hay Handler is the ultimate solution, keeping your clothing hay-free. The hay carrier is made of tough nylon fabric, and you can carry up to four flakes at a time with only one hand thanks to plastic rods at the top that help balance the load. The Hay Handler comes in black and measures 56-by-24 inches. A simple solution that also keeps hay off your newly swept barn floor. 

Bonus: It doubles as a firewood carrier.

Get A Handle on Things with the Cashel Hay Handler

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