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“If you smell ammonia in your horse stalls you have more than an odor problem, you have a health problem.”

We all know that unpleasant, acrid smell of ammonia when we walk into the barn. Even as we’re mucking the stalls, we can feel it burn our nostrils and sting our eyes. Though it may seem just an obnoxious odor, ongoing exposure to noxious ammonia results in health problems. Not only is ammonia harmful to your horses, it is a health hazard to humans as well.

Though ammonia occurs naturally in urine and manure, ammonia is a caustic gas. Low concentrations can cause nose and throat irritation and coughing. Higher concentrations of ammonia can actually lead to respiratory distress and failure. So along with good ventilation, you need to frequently clean your stalls, and a stall refresher should be used to help remove ammonia from the air.

At its very core, Sweet PDZ is a preventative respiratory health care product. It very effectively provides these three benefits to maintain a healthy and hygienic stall/barn environment:

  • Captures and neutralizes toxic and harmful ammonia and waste odors
  • Absorbs urine and moisture which extends bedding performance
  • Reduces fly activity and maintains a hygienic and healthy stall/barn environment

100% Made in the USA

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St. Cloud Mining Co.

Sweet PDZ manufacturing and processing is done in partnership with our longstanding mineral producer, St. Cloud Mining Co. (www.stcloudmining.com) in Winston, NM. Collectively our operations are all USA based and together we have pioneered and expanded Sweet PDZ’s growth to the No. 1 position in the market. 

The Power of PDZ – High Purity | Superior Processing| Unsurpassed Quality Control

Sweet PDZ is comprised of a natural-occurring mineral called zeolite, though not all zeolites are created equal. Sweet PDZ originates from superior zeolite deposits and is professionally mined and processed to ensure the very best product is delivered to our loyal and wide-ranging customers.

Sweet PDZ is primarily used to eliminate odors and absorb moisture/urine, predominately associated with animal waste. Its hallmark focus is for use in horse stalls; however, it is safe and very effective for use in any animal/pet habitat/environment, including with big and small creatures, indoor or outdoor pets, and exotic livestock from any and all parts of our world. Sweet PDZ regular use in stalls will help safeguard the respiratory health of the horse.

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Sweet PDZ also has household applications, such as in garbage receptacles, clean-up of pet “mistakes” and absorption of various gas, oil, and chemical spills as well as the toxic odors from these spills.

The Pioneer … The Innovator … The Leader…

Through the decades, many “refresher” imposters and deodorizing copy cats have come and gone. Sweet PDZ continues to be the leader because it has always performed as it said it would. 

There are no smoke and mirrors or cover-up scents, perfumes or chemicals; rather it is simply a superior natural earth product, properly processed that holds multiple benefits with its use, from odor capture to nutrient enhancement when disposed in composts or fields and gardens. Sweet PDZ is “Organic Listed” by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute).

Hank & Roger odiferous office chatter – Take a minute and learn from these mindful and hygienic equids. And have a laugh along the way. Watch the video here.

Hank and Roger Sweet PDZ video clip talking about horse stalls
Watch the video with Hank & Roger

Unsolicited testimonials like these tell the real story –

We started using Sweet PDZ a year ago for our Shire Draft horses. My barn with 5 horses in it never smelled better! The horses are in their box stalls at night in the winter and during the day in the hot summer months. Either time the stalls are always fresh and nice. We always have cleaned our stalls daily and put down clean shavings, but now with Sweet PDZ being used 2 -3 times a week it is so much better. Thank you so much for this great product.  –Kathy G.

A Full-circle Green-Earth Mineral

Sweet Pea

Sweet PDZ is an earth mineral — it is non-toxic, organic, recyclable and compostable. We like to say Sweet PDZ is a full-circle green-earth mineral. We borrow it from the earth to capture noxious, ozone-burning odors in horse stalls and pet/livestock environments, and then you can return it to the earth as a beneficial soil conditioner in your compost and gardens.

Sweet PDZ is available in both Powder and Granular form, in 40 lb., 35 lb., 25 lb. and 10 lb. bags. 

You can find it nationwide at: 

  • Independent Farm Supply Stores
  • Farm & Fleet Stores
  • Tractor Supply
  • Online Retailers – Amazon & Chewy

Visit SweetPDZ.com for more information.

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