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Q: What are your favorite healthcare products?

A: I rodeo for a living, so if my good horse is out, I’m not making any money. Still, things happen no matter how careful you are. Two weeks before the Southeast Regional Finals, Banixx was a lifesaver. Smack was out in the pasture, by himself, and managed to get a cut that was five inches long and four to six millimeters deep that ran around on the top of his hoof. My vet said  it would take at least four to six weeks to heal. I was in a panic. But, I put Banixx on it twice a day and took him to electrotherapy. He healed in two weeks and came in second at the finals. I use Banixx on every animal I have. I have two dogs that are constantly trying to see who is the pack leader, and I use Banixx on their ears and other cuts.

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Q: What’s your feeding program?

A: I’m a firm believer in alfalfa hay. At home I feed it twice a day in summer and three times a day in winter, and when I’m hauling and gone for weeks at a time, they have it in front of them 24/7. I think it’s great for their stomach—it helps with ulcers. If they’re eating, it’s covering up the stomach acid. I’m also really lucky that the owner of a feed mill in my area, Mill City Specialty Feeds, formulated a feed with the right protein, fat, probiotics, and vitamin and mineral mix, with chopped alfalfa in it as well. It covers all the bases, and I don’t need a lot of supplements with it.

Q: How hard do you train at home?

A: If we’ve been gone awhile, I’ll just turn my main horse Smack out in the pasture for a week. He’s the king, and he’s earned it. My horses hardly ever see a pattern at home, not unless we really screwed up and need a tune-up. I like to do different things with them like throw a rope or trail ride. Giving them breaks is good for their mentality. Smack used to work in a stockyard with the bulls, so nothing phases him. Nothing bothers Cruiser either.

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Q: Is there a particular line of breeding you look for in a barrel prospect?

A: Some people will disagree with me, but I look for cow-bred, working horses as opposed to appendix bred. A push-style horse rather than a running horse. I want a certain amount of run, but if you’re not turning, you’re not winning. I love the old school lines like Sun Frost and Bugs Alive in 75; they’re work-y and smart.

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