We ask a lot of our horses when it comes to performance. Isn’t it time you return the favor? Introducing the Tough1 Max Sport Boots, with CoolTex lining, a new era in leg protection. The new go-to boot for affordable, trusted and comfortable protection for your hard-working equine partner.

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The splint boot has come a long way from being just a “brushing boot” to protect the splint bone. Now, we have the sports medicine boot, which not only protects the horse’s leg from impact (either from his own hoof, a barrel or arena debris, for example), but these boots also help to prevent the over-stretching of the tendons by supporting those important tendons and ligaments that support the whole body.

Multiple colors, patterns and designs have evolved the basic splint boot to a more fun sport boot that more effectively protects the horse’s front and hind legs during activities that require fast movement and strenuous effort.

It can be overwhelming to choose the right sport boot for your horse. With their new boot, Tough1 has worked to address all of your concerns in protecting your horse’s legs, making the Max Sport Boots the only set of boots you’ll ever need.

Why Choose Tough1’s Max Sport Boots

So, what makes the Tough1 Max Sport Boots different from any other sport boot?

These three differences are what make these so special:

  • “CoolTex” lining material
  • Innovative, crossing suspensory straps
  • Reinforced fetlock protection
Max Sport Boot Front and Back

These boots feature Tough1’s new “CoolTex” lining material, a lightweight interior layer that works along with perforated neoprene to pull heat away from the leg during workouts, leaving tendons/ligaments cooler than conventional sport/splint boots. Basic boot styles with solid neoprene on the inside can actually cause more harm due to the threat of overheating. No need to sweat about the heat with Tough1’s CoolTex lining.

Extreme Effort Needs Extreme Support

Tough1 Max Sport Boot

The Tough1 Max Sport Boot features Tough1’s innovative straps that come together in an “X” to offer a more balanced suspensory support system than what you see with traditional single strap designs. With these dual straps, the Tough1 Max Sport Boots provide 360 degrees of maximum equine protection.

fetlock support of Max sport boot

Tough1 knows tough products, which is why the Tough1 Max Sport Boots feature Tough1’s super strong “Quick Grip” closures. These hook and loop closures ensure a secure fit that not only keeps the boot in place but eliminates any slippage the boot might have. The cushioned neoprene base and durable contour construction virtually molds to the leg for a comfortable and solid fit that keeps dirt out. Finally, a durable protective patch cradles the fetlock on each boot, offering more protection from rough footing and hard stops, while increasing the durability of the boot.

The Tough1 Max Sport Boots with Cooltex Lining allow you to provide the MAXimum support and care for the one who gives you his all.

Available NOW at your favorite online retailer or local tack store.


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