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Whether you’re competing, schooling a colt, or enjoying a light exercise, you expect a saddle pad to provide comfort, protection, and support. Classic Equine® manufactures a wide range of saddle pads in Granbury, Texas.

2X NFR Average Champion Lisa Lockhart pads Levee with Classic Equine Blanket Top, 100% Wool Felt Bottom. ¾” Felt thickness, 32” x 34”.

Select a Size
Saddle Pads come in a multitude of sizes. Most common sizes preferred in the barrel world are
For Blanket Tops:         32”x34” and 30”x34”
For Felt Tops:              31×32, 30×32, 30”x30”, 28”x30”

The pad size should allow for even distribution of material and protection all the way around the saddle. Too small of a pad can cause problems. If you ride a Martin BTR for example, you will lean towards a 28”x30”, 30×30”, or 30”x34” in a blanket top. For larger skirted saddles, go for more surface area.  

Classic Equine pad thicknesses range from ½” total thickness to 1”. One of the most common pad thicknesses amongst barrel racers being ¾”.

Depending on your saddle fit, a good rule of thumb is less is more. If the saddle fits great, or maybe on the tight side, less is more. We recommend a ½” or ¾”, and if your saddle fit is a little roomier, or your horse has some growing to do, opt for a 7/8” or 1”.

3X World Champion barrel racer Hailey Kinsel’s go-to saddle pad is the Classic Equine Zone™ Felt Top, Fleece bottom in a ¾” thickness, 30”x 32”.

What material?
Once you know what size you are looking for, now you can choose from a many different materials, compositions and colors. From economical, to traditional, to innovative superior performance, Classic Equine makes a saddle pad to meet your needs.

If a blanket top is more your style, choose from a wide variety of inserts and bottom material to complete the exact look you want, with the perfect level of support. Classic Equine now offers a Wool Top Barrel Pad 30”x34” in 4 different colors, and choose it to be a Zone, Shock Guard, ESP, Wool Felt, or Alpaca.

World Champion barrel racer Jordon Briggs pads Rollo with ESP™ Blanket Top, Felt Bottom. ¾” thickness, 32” x 34”.

The Cut
For today’s running bred horses, a contoured cut is of utmost importance. Classic Equine saddle pads feature a design choice unlike any other.

Kassie Mowry chose a Classic Equine ShockGuard® for Jarvis, ¾” thick in a 30” x 30”.

What’s New?
New in 2024, 100% Wool Felt / Fleece, made with an advanced grade 100% wool, consisting of 80% virgin fibers. Pressed felt construction for better quality and better compression resistance. The 100% merino wool bottom wicks away moisture and provides maximum comfort to your horse. Perfect for horses with sensitivities.

Look though the full line of Classic Equine Saddle pads, and order from your favorite Classic Equine retailer. Shop online catalog pages 50 – 76.



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