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A good ride starts with the proper saddle fit, and the way your saddle pad fits can make or break the way a saddle fits your horse. 

Your horse’s body can change from week to week, or even day to day. Your horse can lose weight around his barrel and topline from heavy work sessions, causing gaps between the saddle pad, saddle and the horse. Or, if he’s been off, fat can create a tighter fit, which can make the saddle uncomfortable. The build of growing horse’s body is always changing as they grow and slowly start to fill out where the saddle rests. Horses with changing toplines can be difficult to find the perfect saddle pad.

Tough1 knows all about these saddle fit woes, and we know that it can cost a lot of time and money to find the right pad for the right fit. 

The Tough1 Shim Saddle Pad line has been developed to provide a cost-effective and comfortable solution to your saddle fit issues. A shim saddle pad is the most economical answer, with no limit to the number or variety of horses in your barn. 

Each pad is sold with six removable shims constructed of a half-inch of felt, which can be arranged within the pad pockets to combat a variety of common saddle fit problems: 

Four styles of Shim Saddle Pads

What’s the Issue? Find the Solution

High Withers — Add a front shim or use a build up pad to help fill the gap and provide additional cushion

Sway Back — Add a middle shim to help fill the hollow and prevent the saddle from bridging

Imbalance — Add a rear shim to help tilt the saddle forward, which prevents it from rocking and will help improve balance

Wide Tree — Add all the shims or use a padded bar saddle pad to raise the saddle up and improve fit

Asymmetry — Add shims only on one side to provide a slight shift of the saddle to the left, or right, to help horse and rider

Woman holding shim saddle pad

Should You Invest In a Shim Saddle Pad? 

It’s important to realize that one size does not fit all, especially with saddles and saddle pads. If you’re an owner of multiple horses or ride multiple horses, using a shim saddle pad allows you to move from horse to horse, and body type to body type and still ride comfortably while using your current saddle. 

It is imperative that an analysis of your saddle’s fit on each horse should be performed, first. If your horse fits any of the above issues, then a shim saddle pad could be the best solution. 

You can find the Tough1 Shim Saddle Pad that fits your lifestyle by shopping online


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