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People have been using plants to heal holistically for centuries. Essential oils are the purest essence of the plant.

They are developed from a steam distillation process of bringing the plant parts to a rolling boil in large cauldrons. The oils that evaporate in the steam are captured in a separate pot. Essential oils are very potent. Their strength is so concentrated that it only takes drops to see results. Essential oils are up to 100 times stronger than the plant itself—they are the very essence of the plant. For example, it takes 10,000 pounds of rose petals to produce 1 ounce of rose essential oil.

How Essential Oils Work

When we breathe the aroma of an essential oil, the olfactory membrane/receptors capture the aroma and analyze it. From there it goes to the limbic system in the brain to send signals to the body. Topically, oils pass thru the skin to target areas of concern such as pain, poor circulation, and stiffness.

Essential oils are safe for use in humans, horses, cattle and dogs (some caution should be practiced when using them on cats). The key to using essential oils safely is making sure to dilute all oils properly. It’s also important to ensure that the oils you use are certified organic and are pesticide free. Because they are so concentrated, essential oils do penetrate the skin and have been proven to pass the blood/brain barrier. 

Donna Kay Rule rubbing Valor with essential oils
NFR barrel racer Dona Kay Rule rubbing High Valor down with Morphine Bomb Plus.
Three-Time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Qualifier Dona Kay Rule

“I use oils all year long, especially the Morphine Bomb Plus and the Courage. Thank you Deanna for your sincere concern about the health of my animals and your knowledge of your products!”
—Dona Kay Rule

How Can Essential Oils Help?

Each plant has specific chemical components that target different maladies in the body. A wide range of essential oils are available to help address issues with pain, respiratory, gastric, hormonal, anti-viral, anti-fungal, skin and wounds. Energetically, oils can help with anxiety, lack of confidence, motivation, anti-depression and energy. 

Here are a few options blended by Deanna’s Oils.


Are you or your horse sensitive to allergies? You will benefit from essential oils that are rich in the chemical component 1.8 cineole, such as Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus radiate. Allergy Sinus 2.0 is wonderful for opening airways and is full of oils that work as natural antihistamines. Rub it on the nostrils or gums, use 10-20 drops in feed one to two times a day, or both. Don’t forget to rub some under your own nose to clear your head. Mega Air is a great motivator while opening airways and clearing the mind. Need to add more ‘go’ to your horse? Rub on nostrils and administer orally 20-30 minutes before a run. 

Two-Time WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer Mary Burger

“I had never tried essential oils before I called Deanna about an over-doer horse that just tried too hard. She recommended the Equine Liquid Xanax and the Equine Ulcer Rescue just in time for Houston Rodeo. Can’t tell you how amazed I was at him picking out his barrels in an arena that size and keeping calm. What I thought could be an out-of-control run turned into a paycheck. All of the oils I have used have been beneficial. Her CBD and human oils are awesome too. I strongly recommend Deanna’s Oils.”
—Mary Burger

Hand holding essential oil dropper next to horse nose

Skin Issues

If you or your horse have skin issues, then you will benefit from oils rich in linalool such as Lavender agustafolia. Itchy Rash Relief provides relief from several skin problems, including girth itch, bug bites, scratches and other irritations. 

Pain, Inflammation and Circulation

Morphine Bomb Plus is a blend of oils that are anti-inflammatory, ease pain and help to increase circulation in affected areas. You can use it topically, drops on the tongue or both. Horses can have 15-20 drops one to two times a day for overall body pain. For sore hocks, rub some on the hock area 20-30 minutes before a run. 

Anxiety, Anti-Depressant and Energy

Equine Liquid Xanax is perfect for the Nervous Nellie and the over-achiever. The oils in this blend send signals to the brain to chill out and breathe. If you are suffering from the fear of failure, my Courage blend has helped many to be brave and achieve their goals. The Jasmine sabac and Jasmine grandiflorum oils give the sense that everything is going to be OK. 

Deanna’s Oils offers many more blends of essential oils for a variety of needs. For questions and guidance, message Deanna or join the community in Deanna’s Oils Facebook group here

For information, testimonials from leading barrel racers, and to shop the large array of essential oil blends, please visit Deanna’s Oils website at deannasoils.com.

*Always check with your veterinarian before using a new product or supplement. Essential oils are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

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Deanna Harrison of Deanna’s Oils is a certified aromatherapist who has studied Chinese medicine for 16 years and aromatherapy for 6 years. Harrison blends her own essential oils that are beneficial therapeutically and energetically.

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