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Cold winter months are approaching quicker than we realize. Choosing a turnout blanket for your horse can be overwhelming. Turnout blankets come in many different sizes, colors and materials which leaves the question of, what kind of blanket does your horse need? The ThreadFlare Premium Equine Turnout Blanket has numerous benefits to keep your horse warm during the winter months. 

With various factors to consider when searching the market for an equine turnout blanket, ask yourself these questions:

Material: What is the blanket material made of? Will it be comfortable to the horse? Is it a good blanket for the environment your horse will be in?

Denier: How durable and weighted do you want your turnout blanket to be? Is my horse going to be rough on their turnout blanket?

Functionality: Is the blanket easy to put on? Is it adjustable? Is it easy to clean? Does the turnout blanket have multiple uses?

Size: How do I know what size blanket my horse wears? Does the blanket have the right fit for my horse?

ThreadFlare blanket infographic

What is the ThreadFlare Premium Equine Turnout Blanket?

Lined with material featuring ThreadFlare technology, a proprietary cross section of yarns that wick and transport moisture away from the horse to prevent heat loss, keeping the horse dry, warm and comfortable.


  • Crafted with cross section of yarns that wick away moisture to prevent heat loss, keeping your horse dry, warm and comfortable
  • Comfortable ThreadFlare technology fleece lining with NO fill
  • Waterproof ripstop materials


  • Denier refers to the fiber thickness of individual threads used to create fabric. When the denier is higher – the fabric is more thick, allowing for greater durability.
  • ThreadFlare turnout blankets come in a 600-denier and 1200-denier thickness.


  • Multipurpose design for use as a rainsheet, windbreaker, or summer sheet
  • Adjustable front closures with snaps make for easy on and off and a great fit


  • You can determine the sizing for your horses ThreadFlare Turnout Blanket by measuring from the center of the chest to the middle of the tail.
  • ThreadFlare Premium Equine Turnout Blankets are available in a broad range of sizes from 69” to 84”
horse wearing threadfare turnout blanket

With Threadflare Technology fleece lining, multi-purpose uses, and various sizes the ThreadFlare Premium Equine Turnout Blanket is a great fit for any horse. You can learn more and find a retailer near you by shopping https://www.ridethebrand.com/


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