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When it comes to the design of a saddle pad, you want something functional that is also going to keep you and your horse riding at your best. With many saddle pads on the market, close contact saddle pads have made a major impact on the equine industry. Why is that? 

Whether you are in the show ring, practice pen or on the trail, it is important that you and your horse stay in tune. Riding in a close contact saddle pad can ensure that you and your horse are more in tune with each ride.

Man riding horse in practice pen

The Synergy® Contoured Close Contact Performance Saddle Pad offers a close contact, butterfly cutaway design increasing leg contact for a better feel between horse and rider. Riding in a close contact butterfly cutaway pad gives you more leg contact and a physical touch that creates a stronger relationship with your horse. 

The contoured shape of the Synergy® Close Contact Performance Saddle Pad fits your horse like a glove and easily compliments a butterfly saddle skirt. Coming in two different F1-rated 100% pure merino wool felt colors, the close contact saddle pad wicks away 8 times it’s in weight in moisture ensuring a cool, comfortable and connected ride each time. 

Woman running barrel pattern in close contact saddle pad

Backed by a No Risk 90 Day Test Ride, you cannot go wrong with the Synergy® Contoured Close Contact Saddle Pad. Designed with enhancing the relationship between horse and rider in mind, this saddle pad could help you make each ride count. 

Learn more about our Synergy® Close Contact Saddle Pads at ridethebrand.com.


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