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You’re heading to a barrel race for an extended weekend, and your packing list is long—including anything you might need to help yourself sleep soundly while away from home.

But what about your horse and his sleep? He needs rest to perform his best and be able to cope with the added stress of a hectic atmosphere. Are you armed with a solution when the bright lights of the stall barns are on all night long? The commotion of a busy event, combined with 24/7  bright lighting can ultimately keep him awake all hours with no rest. Arrive at the barrel race prepared with the revolutionary REM Restorative Equine Mask from XpertEquine.

Revolutionary REM Restorative Equine Mask Is a Game-Changer

Restful, deep sleep plays a major role in success in all aspects of life—from work to competition. The same holds true for your horse, specifically in stressful situations such as at events. Light is especially influential in a horse’s hormone production. The absence of dark can prevent a horse from producing measurable amounts of melatonin, a hormone which promotes rest and deep sleep. Without reparative, restorative deep sleep, the body—human or equine—can’t perform its best, especially in clutch situations.

XpertEquine now offers a game-changing solution to help your horse get the rest he needs, when he needs, with the patent-pending REM Restorative Equine Mask.

Circadian rhythms are well known in humans, but they’re even stronger in horses, meaning horses are more susceptible to losing sleep when darkness is reduced or removed from their environment—as at major events where barn lights are on all night or veterinary clinics when lights are left on for continued observation of patients. This means the horses have constant exposure to artificial light, which is shown to suppress melatonin levels and reduce restful sleep. The REM™ mask is a first-of-its-kind solution to this problem.

XpertEquine Equine Mask on sorrel horse

The First Ever Blue Light Blocking Device for Horses

Developed and tested by veterinarians, the REM mask is clinically proven to block blue light, facilitate the melatonin rise needed for sleep and recovery, improving overall performance. In clinical studies, horses wearing the REM™ mask showed substantial increases in melatonin levels, even under continuous lights, while horses housed under the same light conditions without the mask tested to show below-measurable levels melatonin production.

The REM mask features uniquely designed eye coverings made of a special material that blocks blue light from entering eye. This allows the horse to produce melatonin, just as if they were in the dark. The mask design is safe for equine eyes and very durable. Additionally, the patched-style mask can help horses with eye injuries and can ease anxiety during travel and other stressful situations.

Restorative Equine Mask Benefits

Orange Up Arrow
Melatonin 67% of masked horses showed a substantial increase in melatonin overnight vs non-masked horses in the same setting
Blue star with "blocked"
Amber lenses block 93% of blue light

Help Your Horse Get the Rest it Needs

Ashley Schafer, professional barrel horse trainer, experiences the science firsthand at every event she attends.

“The lights are always on at the futurities we go to,” Schafer shared. “When I brought REM masks to an event, I saw instant results—my horses were laid out and asleep. Working with young horses, that’s essential. It’s stressful for them to be on the road and away from home, plus add in the lights. When I use the masks, they settle in and rest, which helps with their attitudes. Plus, the more I can keep them comfortable and resting on the road, the less stressed they are, which can mean fewer issues with ulcers. The REM mask is a great product, it’s affordable, and I’ll do anything that’ll help my horses feel and perform their best.”

The XpertEquine REM mask comes in sizes small through extra-large. It fits like a fly mask, so most horses are immediately comfortable with the feel. Learn more and order yours before the next event at XpertEquine.com. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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