The double mouthpiece twisted snaffle helps trainer Alona James ride off-the-track barrel horses with contact and control.

double mouthpiece snaffle hanging on headstall
Photo by Alona James

About the Bit

“I use that bit a lot. I like the feel of it and it fits my hands and how I like to ride. It’s not a lot of bit, but I can still keep some pressure and keep a hold of them with it. A lot of horses off the track, that’s all they use, so they’re used to a snaffle. I will teach them what a little short-shank with a chin strap is, but most of the time they’re so used to having a snaffle on them that they don’t like to run in anything heavier.”

Mouthpiece: Two-Piece Twisted Wire Double Mouthpiece

“It gives you a little more as far as ‘whoa.’ I can control them more and ride two-handed with one, and I don’t feel like I hinder the horse.”

Cheekpiece: Locked O-Ring Snaffle

“It’s a locked mouthpiece, so it doesn’t slide all the way around. When they get a little more solid, I’ll [go to a non-locked]. The locked one may help you pick them up more in the turn and move them over.”

Curb: Any Kind of Strap or String


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