National Finals Rodeo qualifier Cheyenne Wimberley was looking for a bit that could engage just as quickly as the speedy KN Fabs Mist Of Fame. The Ed Wright pretzel bit gave her the instant reaction she needed to ride “Misty” step-for-step and keep the mare squared up.

About the Bit

“I’ve had that bit a long time. It was one of those bits I grabbed when I was experimenting with some different bits on Misty. When she came to me, she had a bit they rode her in that my hands didn’t really fit with her. I was looking for something I could hold her a little straighter with, and that’s why I went to a ported-type bit. She has a pretty good mouth, so I had to go with a bit that wasn’t going to have a lot of grab. It’s one of those [that works] if you have a horse you want to square up.”

Mouthpiece: Smooth with Floating Port

“I like that it’s a port that has a pretty quick reaction, but it’s not so severe that they want to get away from it. I haven’t used that bit a lot on barrel horses. We’ve used that bit several times on rope horses and horses I’m tracking cattle on, but it’s not like I’ve ran a numerous set of barrel horses in that bit.”

Ed Wright pretzel bit
Photo by Cheyenne Wimberley

Shank: Long Swivel Shank with No Gag

“The shank is pretty long, so your reaction time is quick. That’s what I like about it—they don’t stay as stiff as I would like in a regular ported bit. I like a gag and I ride a lot of gags, but on Misty with a gag she’s already beat me the next step by the time a gag takes hold. I wanted a bit that was as quick as she was, so that when I picked up, she picked up, and we were on the same page. That’s why I even started riding a port on her. I was looking for a quick response. Misty is really quick on her feet and her response is pretty quick. I wanted a bit where if she was going to be that quick, I needed to be that quick if she went to step in a little sooner than I wanted her to. I needed my bit to be that quick to hold her up.”

Curb: Loose Chain

“It’s a two-finger curb. If it came with a chain, that’s what is on there still. [With Misty,] it’s not like her curb is very important.”


Blanche Schaefer is an avid barrel racer and managing editor of Barrel Horse News. Email comments or questions to [email protected]

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