Samantha Flannery favors the Briggs bit, a short-shank square mullen made by Boutin Bits (formerly L&S Bits/No Hit Bits), for a naturally turn-y horse that doesn’t need a lot of help in a run, like her multiple 2021 futurity champion Promise Me Fame Guys, who went on to rodeo fame with Lisa Lockhart.

Shank: Short Locked Shank

“He was in the Briggs bit; it’s the very first bit I ran him in, and I never changed it. I really don’t have to move [during a run]. And if I do — I’ve had to move once, maybe earlier in some of his runs — it has just enough bite and quick reaction that it moved him right over. But he lays on it great. There’s a feel that I love in that it’s right there. It’s perfect.”

The Briggs bit
The Briggs bit, made by Boutin Bits (formerly L&S Bits/No Hit Bits). Photo by Samantha Flannery

Mouthpiece: Square Mullen

“I warmed him up in other things, and I’d never ride him on a daily basis in this bit — only when I ran him. He keeps his head a little elevated with his nose out, and it just lays super comfortable in my hands. His head and my hands are comfortable to the turn.”

Curb: Set Back Chain

“It’s pretty loose, maybe three fingers. I am not always a chain person, so it is pretty loose.”


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