Tanya Steinhoff and Nate Shilabar banked $34,138 at the American West 4D Finals in Reno, Nevada. The race drew more than 6,814 entries and paid out $544,341. Steinhoff and “Hot Shot” ran the fastest time of the event, a 17.014, and won the Necessity Challenge of Champions, 1D aggregate title in the American West Finals, the Barrel of Sulcer Race Four, both youth races and placed second in Races One and Two. 

The Necessity Challenge of Champions was a creation of Merlin Jones with the help of International Horse Vets, where some of the toughest barrel racers in the divisional circuits and barious associations were pitted against the best Women’s Prodessional Rodeo Association cowgirls. The American West and Necessity composed a guest list of the most competitive riders in the business, including 39 former National Finals Rodeo qualifiers, National Barrel Horse Association champions, American West Regional winners and WPRA circuit champs. 

Steinhoff and Hot Shot beat the field of 72 of the toughest barrel racers in the industry—which included Talmadge Green, Angie Meadors, Sheri Estrada and many more—with a time of 17.135. 





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