danyelle diagram.jpgDanyelle Campbell’s Five-Barrel Drill (top) and Three-Barrel Square Turn Drill (bottom). BHN graphic.To set up the Five-Barrel Drill (top image), Campbell often adds two barrels to the normal cloverleaf pattern. The five-barrel set up gives her too many options to list here, but includes variables that keep the horse looking to the rider for a road map. A couple of extra barrels in the cloverleaf creates many ways to school a horse without being redundant and won’t interfere with the normal pattern.

“I will mix this up, going to random barrels to keep my horses listening to me,” Campbell said. “But a great way to start is by doing all rights, then all lefts through the pattern of five barrels.”

The Three-Circle, or Square-Turn Drill, can reduce mental and physical pressure. Campbell says it helps position the horse for success.

“The object is to take the horse to points in the turn and make 90 degree turns at those points,” Campbell said. “Maintain about 8 feet between your horse and the barrel and change directions only when his hip is even with the barrel, not his head.”

Watch Danyell perform the Three-Circle Square-Turn Drill here at TrainingBarrelHorses.com. View the diagrams in this article and read our July issue to learn how the drills help collect a horse, creating drive from behind, reach in front, a soft poll and bend in the ribs.

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