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Kristin Yde Photo

Kristin Yde and her horse Smokin Mack Frost are a well-known barrel racing team. Kristin is also currently bringing along a younger horse, “Cruiser,” and has a barn full of her own and clients’ horses at her home in Benson, North Carolina. As of February 20, Kristin and “Smack” are sitting third in the International Professional Rodeo Association standings. Here’s how Kristin keeps her horses performing at peak levels. 

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What is Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative therapies are part of a relatively new branch of medicine which uses biological material to augment the body’s own restorative capabilities to promote the regrowth of healthy tissue and return the damaged area to normal function. Unlike symptomatic drug treatments that mask pain or reduce inflammation by putting a Band-Aid on a problem, regenerative therapies actually fix the underlying tissue damage.