2006 National Little Britches 2nd place all around champion

2008 Reserve Barrel Racing Champion and All Around Champion

2009 MRA All Around Champion

2008 MN NBHA open champion

2009 MN State Youth 1D Champion

2010 National Jr High Barrel Racing Champion

BJHRF 2010

23rd ANHA Shootout winner

NJHRF all around champion

Featured on Cinch semi trailer

2012 MN Junior High State Finals All Around Champion

What do you like and dislike about life on the rodeo road?

Upside: I get to be with family, and do what I love. Getting to experience the rodeo life, I will know many of the ins and outs of the professional rodeo process.

Down side is I would like to sleep in a bed that does not move when the wind blows.

What are some pros and cons of living in the South compared to way up North?

Some of the up side to living south is the weather, availability of barrel races to season colts, and the opportunity to learn. The down side is that we are away from family.

There are more bugs, snakes, etc. in the South that I had never seen. First time I saw a snake I ran far away and my dad said “Kayla it is not even chasing you”

What do you notice different about barrel racing in the South compared to the North?

Pens are bigger in the South.  Up north a barrel race there will have 5 top horses, down here there will be 30-40, although it doesn’t matter where you go, someone can outrun you.  I don’t know everyone like I do up north, and I kind of enjoy the privacy. I could not get away from it up north because our family did it for a living. We were always in the eye and under a microscope. Here there are many trainers, professionals and many that do it for a living, so I blend in; Up north, we helped so many people that we were always being approached at the barrel races. There isn’t as many that ride horses for a living, the majority do it for a hobby.

Who do you look up to?

My mom and dad, Marnie and Bob Lossenort from Kentucky helped me with my futurity colt.

What are your hobbies? (Giggles) “Loping in circles in the middle of the field.”

What is your favorite movie?

Face the Giant

What is your favorite food?

Panera bread Greek salad


Do you do your own training?

I have my own program for my horses. My parents let me manage their training and their conditioning. I like to exercise my horses 5 times a week. I like to do a lot of backing both on and off their back, in order to strengthen opposite muscles that they use so much

My dad and brother help with the training, especially if I get a colt that likes to buck.  I get to do the fun stuff. “

Do you still rope?

“I rope for fun.”

What is your favorite style of barrel horse?

“I like preparing, the kind you have to hustle. But you teach yourself to ride every horse you can.”

What do you tell yourself before a run?

“Go fast, breath, do the best you can, don’t tell yourself you are nervous.”

Both you and your mom (Jane Melby NFR qualifier) have been successful; do you and your mom share horses?


Jane Melby and the Melby Team put on several clinics a year throughout the country. Do you enjoy putting on clinics with your family?

“I enjoy helping people as long as they want to improve.

How do adults respond to a teenager helping and correcting them? Is it hard for you to correct adults”?

Some adults don’t like it, but it is not hard for me.

Kids 5-12 years old are fun to teach. “

Do you have any idea what you would like to do after high school?

After high school I would maybe like to go into accounting. Math is my favorite school subject.

Do you play other sports?

No, I have a bad knee and I don’t have much of an interest. I like watching basketball though.

You have had success on several horses, do you have a favorite?

“Yes, Nelly (Sue Olena), she did everything, she was a calf horse, goat tied, and ran poles and barrels. I ran her at high school rodeo and Little Britches. I had her 10 years, we just sold her.”

What are your immediate goals? High School Rodeo? Futurities?

“When I was little I was more motivated to win and competitive, it is not as much about winning anymore as it is about beating myself and making the horse perform to the best of its ability. “

I’d like to run some futurity horses. Last year I had a young one and it colicked and died. I currently have 3 futurity horses for next year.  I own a Dash Ta Fame and one that shows a lot of promise, we got from Pat Hick. I am running several horses at jackpots and rodeos as well.”

What is next for you?

I have so many things going, we will have to see.

I would like to go to Canada this summer with my mom, maybe try to get my permit so I can enter with her. We are going to be traveling up there to rodeos most of the summer.



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