After having my daughter in July of 2010 the remaining 20lbs of baby weight was not coming off as I had hoped it would. I set a large goal for myself so the beginning of 2011 I had high hopes of dropping the weight. Well January came and went the same with February and March. After having a meltdown or two I decided that if I was going to lose the weight I’d have to work at it, wishing and hoping wasn’t going to get it done. So I picked myself up dusted off & started to set realistic goals. I told myself that my goal was to lose only 3 pounds a month so by the middle of summer I would be back in my pre-baby jeans. I started eating healthy, being more active and cut the bad stuff out(sodas, candy, junk foods my biggest weaknesses) by doing that and keeping it simple not pushing myself and giving myself a large enough window worked for me. That hard work over those few months not only got me back in pre baby jeans but helped me get in great shape and in smaller jeans than I wore in high school. By setting yourself up to succeed you will be less likely to fail.
As I was talking to one of the girls who is an outstanding and gifted futurity trainer here in the Ice Box about her babies that she has coming up. All in all she has about 7 or 8, some she has raised while some others came straight off the track. Asking her about the goals she has set for each of them. She broke it down easily. They will be where they will be. Some move up faster than others while some will hang out in the back of the pack. Each one has separate goals and makes different milestones each month. Her three two year olds are the perfect examples. The 2 fillies are complete night and day to each other. The Clayton filly is free moving and so intelligent while the Dash for Cash filly is smooth and collected and is a people pleaser. Then there is the little boy, he holds a special place in her heart. He is the first baby out of a mare that was outstanding in the futurity pen and resembles his mother in so many ways. They were all started by the same trainer at the same time, each one is stronger in one area than the others and vice versa. One month fillies are a head of the boy, then there will be a total change and the little boy is miles ahead of the 2 girls. Every month one of them is a front runner and a head of the others.



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