January 6, 2024, (DENVER, COLORADO) — The 118th National Western Stock Show Rodeo kicked off in Denver, Colorado, on January 6. Follow along here for all the barrel racing results, updates and stories from the year’s first stock show rodeo.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and Women’s Professional Rodeo Association events in the Denver Coliseum are all set up in brackets, with 80 contestants in each event evenly distributed across eight brackets. A bracket consists of two rounds of competition, and the best three from each bracket advance to the Semifinals, where they will compete in one of three Semifinals performances to earn their way to a winner-take-all Finals. From the three Semifinals performances, the top four will progress to the clean-slate Finals and the National Western Champions will be crowned.

Find more information and full results from the 2024 NWSSR here. Scroll down for Denver rodeo barrel racing results, and updates from winners of each round.

By Susan Kanode for the National Western Stock Show, with modifications from BHN

Hailey Kinsel, Halyn Lide Share NWSSR Barrel Racing Championship

January 21, 2024 (DENVER, COLORADO) — The 118th edition of the National Western Stock Show came to a close Sunday, and a highlight of the day’s events was the championship finals of the professional rodeo. It took 19 performances to determine who the players would be for the titles. Contestants competed in brackets, advanced to Semifinals and then the Final round. With 12 of rodeo’s best in each event, it was a great day for rodeo fans in the Denver Coliseum as well as those watching the competition on The Cowboy Channel.

When it was all said and done, Hailey Kinsel of Cotulla, Texas, and Halyn Lide of China Spring, Texas, shared the co-championship in the barrel racing at the NWSSR with times of 14.73, worth $4,257 each.

Kinsel completed the feat aboard her four-time WPRA world champion mount, 2011 mare DM Sissy Hayday (PC Frenchmans Hayday x Royal Sissy Irish x Royal Shake Em). Together, the duo has accomplished unprecedented feats in the barrel racing and professional rodeo world, from arena records to world titles and more than $2.8 million in career earnings. This marks Kinsel’s first National Western championship.

Lide rode Jettin Ta Heaven (JL Dash Ta Heaven x Zeros Gypsy Jet x Three O Jones) to the co-championship. Lide and “Keeper” have been partners since 2017, collecting more than $160,000 in lifetime earnings. Recently they’ve been making splashes in the rodeo world, winning events such as the 2023 World Champions Rodeo Alliance Rodeo Corpus Christi. Now, they can add a Denver pro rodeo barrel racing championship to their resume.

Tessa Arnold and Latte Ditto Break NWSSR Arena Record

January 20, 2024 (DENVER, COLORADO) — The barrel racing couldn’t have been more exciting at the National Western Stock Show Rodeo on Saturday night. The arena record in the Denver Coliseum prior to this year’s rodeo was set in 2002 by Tammy Fischer with a 14.69. That was broken during the eighth performance by Chelsea Moore from Rose Hill, Kansas, who stopped the clock in 14.68 seconds. Then, Hailey Kinsel and her WPRA world champion mount DM Sissy Hayday broke it again with a 14.63. On Saturday night during Semifinals Three, Tessa Arnold from Coleman, Texas, shattered it. Arnold is a first-year member of the WPRA who is competing at Denver for the first time. She is riding a horse that is a clone of Mary Walker’s world champion gelding Perculatin (“Latte”).

Arnold has benefited from Walker’s coaching as well as riding Latte Ditto. The duo did well in their bracket and advanced to the Semifinals, where they turned in the arena-record time of 14.50.

Arnold will be riding for the championship January 21. Arnold is leading the WPRA’s Rookie of the Year standings currently, is a freshman at Weatherford (Texas) College and competing in the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association’s Southwest Region.

Tessa Arnold from Coleman, Texas, shattered the NWSSR arena record with a time of 14.50 in Semifinals Three aboard Latte Ditto. NWSSR courtesy photo

Hailey Kinsel and DM Sissy Hayday Break NWSSR Arena Record

January 18, 2024 (DENVER, COLORADO) — Hailey Kinsel and her standout partner DM Sissy Hayday set an arena record of 14.630 at the National Western Stock Show Rodeo during the 13th performance in the Thursday matinee January 18. The record of 14.69 had been held by Tammy Fischer since 2002. It was broken this year by Chelsea Moore from Rose Hill, Kansas, during the eighth performance. Moore stopped the clock in 14.68 seconds. Kinsel will have her second run in the Denver Coliseum during the Thursday night performance.

Hailey Kinsel and DM Sissy Hayday set the NWSSR arena record in performance 13 with a time of 14.63, NWSS photo by Roseanna Sales/C Bar C Photograph.

National Western Stock Show Rodeo Action Continues

January 16, 2024 (DENVER, COLORADO) — Five out of eight brackets are now complete at this year’s National Western Stock Show Rodeo. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and Women’s Professional Rodeo Association events in the Denver Coliseum are all set up in brackets. Eighty contestants in each event are evenly distributed across  eight brackets. A bracket consists of two rounds of competition and the best three from each bracket advance to Saturday’s Semifinals.

After 10 performances, Rainey Skelton is the only barrel racer thus far to have won both performances of her bracket. Skelton, of Llano, Texas, made her first bid for a semifinals qualification in Performance Five, which marked round one of Bracket Three. She topped that round with a 14.83 to turn around and win round two of Bracket Three — or Performance Six — as well this time with a 14.77.

Skelton topped the rounds aboard her 2021 Women’s Rodeo World Champion mount Fame And Jewels (Dash Ta Fame x Tattletail Lilly x The Informant). Together, the duo has earned more than $204,380 in EquiStat reported lifetime earnings. With the leading overall time in their bracket — a 29.60 on two runs — Skelton and “Jewels” advance to the Semifinals.

Rainey Skelton and Fame And Jewels topped both performances of Bracket Three to advance to the NWSSR Semifinals. Ric Andersen photo courtesy NWSSR

Ilyssa Riley Tops NWSSR Barrel Racing Performance One

January 11, 2024 (DENVER, COLORADO) — Fans at the first performance of the National Western Stock Show Rodeo saw world champions, Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifiers and area local contestants vying for fast times and high scores.

The highlight of the night for many was watching WNFR barrel racer Ilyssa Riley from Hico, Texas blow by the rest of the barrel racers. Riley, who finished the 2023 season in No. 13 position in the world standings, rode Mistys Money Blurr to a time of 15.20 seconds to top the field by a tenth of a second.

“Money,” by The Money Depot and out of the Dash Ta Fame daughter Mistys Dash Of Fame, earned his first career earnings with EquiStat All-Time Leading Rider Kassie Mowry at the helm, taking home futurity earnings in 2020 of $32,944 with Mowry, including the Ardmore Futurity championship. Purchased from Mowry by Slash Z Quarter Horses in 2021, Money joined Riley’s string and has earned more than $107,000 with Riley.

barrel racer
Ilyssa Riley and Mistys Money Blurr topped the first performance of the National Western Stock Show Rodeo with a time of 15.20. NWSS photo by Ric Andersen.

Riley, along with all the contestants who competed in Performance One, will continue on their journey for championship honors in the Denver Coliseum on January 12 at the matinee performance. Then, a new group will have their first round at the evening performance on Friday.

NWSSR Barrel Racing Results

Performance One: 1) Ilyssa Riley / Hico, Texas / 15.20 seconds; 2) Lucy Bowns / Evanston, Wyoming / 15.30; 3) Paige Conrado / Hico, Texas / 15.35; 4) Kylie Kanngiesser / Attica, Kansas / 15.43.

Performance Two: 1) Lucy Bowns, Evanston, Wyo., 14.71 seconds. 2) Ashley Catleberry, Montgomery, Texas, 14.82. 3) Paige Conrado, Hico, Texas, 15.01. 4) Piper Cordes, Wall, S.D., 15.08. (semifinals qualifiers) 1) Bowns, 30.01. 2) Conrado, 30.36. 3) Ilyssa Riley, Hico, Texas, 30.39.

Performance Three: 1) Karson Bradley, Big Piney, Wyo., 15.21 seconds. 2) Shali Lord, lamar, colo., 15.31. 3) Austyn Tobey, Bemidgi, Minn., 15.34. 4) Jackie Ganter, Abilene, Texas, 15.35.

Performance Four: 1) Brittany Fellows, Loveland, Colo., 14.95 seconds. 2) Karson Bradley, Big Piney, Wyo., 15.02. 3) Jackie Ganter, Abilene, Texas, 15.05. 4) Shali Lord, Lamar, Colo., 15.23.  (semifinals qualifiers) 1) Bradley, 30.23. 2) Ganter, 30.4. 4) Lord, 30.54.

Performance Five: 1) Rainey Skelton, Llano, Texas, 14.83. 2) Millie Marquart, Mason, Texas, 14.84. 3) Sabrina Ketcham, Yeso, N.M., 14.97. 4) Kailey Mitton, Mount Stereling, Utah, 14.98.

Performance Six: 1) Rainey Skelton, Llano, Texas, 14.77. 2) Sabrina Ketcham, Yeso, N.M., 14..96. 3) Kailey Mitton, Mount Sterling, Utah, 15.05. 4) Jillian Zaun, Minneapolis, Minn., 15.17. (semifinals qualifiers) 1) Skelton, 29.6. 2) Ketcham, 29.93. 3) Mitton, 30.03.

Performance Seven: 1) Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, South Dakota, 14.98; 2) Sadie Wolaver-Troyer, 15.02; 3) Abigail Knight, 15.25; 4) Chelsea A. Moore, 15.26; 5) Kappie Bryant, 15.29; 6 (tie). Alex Odle and Jodi Lyn Cotlon, 15.30 (each).

Performance Eight: 1) Chelsea Moore, Rose Hill, Kansas, 14.68* (arena record); 2) Sadie Wolaver-Troyer, 14.87; 3) Kappie Bryant, 14.93; 4) Abigail Knight, 15.04; 5) Lisa Lockhart, 15.13; Jodi Lyn Colton, 20.15. (semifinals qualifiers) 1) Wolaver-Troyer, 29.89; 2) Moore, 29.94; 3) Lockhart, 30.11.

Performance Nine: 1) Sydney Graham, Abilene, Texas,14.92; 2) Jamie Olsen, 14.96; 3) Sara Winkleman, 14.97; 4) Amanda Welsh, 15.03; 5) Tessa Arnold, 15.09; 6) Brittney Sporer, 15.34.

Performance 10: 1) Preslie Reid, San Angleo, Texas, 14.74 seconds. 2) Tessa Arnold, Poolville, Texas, 14.78. 3) Jamie Olsen, Brock, Texas, 14.91. 4) Amanda Welsh, Stephenville, Texas, 15.03.  (semifinals qualifiers) 1 (tie) Arnold and Olsen, 29.87 seconds each. 3) Sydney Graham, Abilene, Texas, 29.97.

Performance 11: 1) Shelley Morgan Eustace, Texas, 14.70 seconds. 2) Andrea Busby, Brock, Texas, 14.83. 3) Casey Mathis, Bastrop, La., 14.94.  4) Jennifer Kalfatic, Caldwell, Idaho, 15.04.

Performance 12: 1) Andrea Busby, Brock, Texas, 14.83 seconds. 2) Shelley Morgan, Eustace, Texas, 15.00. 3) Casey Mathis, Bastrop, La., 15.07. 4) Fallon Forbes, O’Connell, Texas, 15.34.  (semifinals qualifiers) 1) Busby, 29.66. 2) Morgan, 29.70. 3) Mathis, 30.01.

Performance 13: 1) Hailey Kinsel, Cotulla, Texas, 14.63 seconds*(arena record); 2) McKenna Coronado, Kanarraville, Utah, 14.69; 3) Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, Lampasas, Texas, 14.85; 4) Ashlyn Goven, Stephenville, Texas, 14.96.

Performance 14: 1) Hailey Kinsel, Cotulla, Texas, 14.78 seconds; 2) McKenna Coronado, 14.89; 3) Oceane Veilleux, 14.92; 4) Natalie Bland, 14.93; 5) Donna Tippen, 15.01; 6) Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 15.2. (Semifinal qualifiers) 1. Hailey Kinsel, 29.41 seconds on two head; 2. McKenna Coronado, 29.58; 3. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 29.87.

Performance 15: 1) Halyn Lide, China Spring, Texas, 14.78 seconds; 2) Maggie Polonicic, Gillette, Wyo., 14.90; 3) Katelyn Scott, Odessa, Texas, 14.91; 4) Ivy Hurst, Springer, Okla., 15.09.

Performance 16: 1) Maggie Poloncic, Gillette, Wyo., 14.69 seconds; 2) Katelyn Scott, Odessa, Texas, 14.98; 3) Halyn Lide, China Spring, Texas, 14.99; 4) Ivy Hurst, Springer, Okla., 15.01. (semifinals qualifiers) 1) Poloncic, 29.59. 2) Lide, 29.77. 3) Scott, 29.89.

Semifinals One: 1) Sadie Wolaver-Troyer, Weatherford, Okla., 14.78. 2) Hailey Kinsel, Cotulla, Texas, 14.84. 3) Lucy Bowns, Evanston, Wyo., 15.10. 3) Shali Lord, Lamar, Colo., 15.13.

Semifinals Two: 1) Maggie Poloncic, 14.64. 2) Casey Mathis, Bastrop, La., 14.95. 3) Jamie Olsen, Brock, Texas, 15.03. 4) Kailey Mitton, Mt. Sterling, Utah, 15.04.

Semifinals Three: 1) Tessa Arnold, Poolville, Texas, 14.50.* (arena record). 2) Brittany Pozzi tonozzi, Lampasas, Texas, 14.76. 3) Ilyssa Riley, Hico, Texas, 14.77. 4) Halyn Lide, China Spring, Texas, 14.84.

Finals: 1 (tie) Haylin Lide, China Spring, Texas, and Hailey Kinsel, Cotulla, Texas, 14.73 seconds and $4,257 each. 3) Maggie Poloncic, Gillette, Wyo.., 14.81, $3,366. 4) Kailey Mitton, Mount Sterling, Utah, 14.84, $2,772. 5) Sadie Wolaver-Troyer, Weatherford, Okla., 14.92, $2,178. 6) Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, Lampasas, Texas, 15.07, $1,584. 7) Shali Lord, Lamar, Colo., 15.26, $990. 8) Casey Mathis, Bastrop, La., 15.42, $396.

Colorado Vs. The World

By Susan Kanode for the National Western Stock Show, with modifications from BHN

The 118th National Western Stock Show got off to a great start with their signature Colorado Vs. The World rodeo competition. This is the 11th year that the three rodeos featuring teams representing Colorado Rodeos and Rodeos from across North America have kicked off NWSS’s 16 days of rodeo action in January.

The morning performance saw contestants representing rodeos outside of Colorado compete in bareback riding, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, barrel racing and bull riding. Then contestants from rodeos in Colorado competed in the same events Saturday afternoon. The top four from those performances advanced to Saturday night’s rodeo. The field was then narrowed down to the top score or fast time from each team. Team Colorado and Team World then went head-to-head in the final round to declare a winner. This year, Team Colorado was victorious in three of the five events.

Colorado Versus The World winners from left to right: Jate Frost, World; Kim Shulze, World; Wyatt Casper, Colorado; Jace Melvin, Colorado; and Seth Hardwick, Colorado. Photo courtesy NWSS

She may have been barrel racing for the San Angelo, Texas, Rodeo, but Kim Schulze’s trip to Denver took her less than one hour. The Larkspur, Colorado, resident earned the championship in the final round with a time of 15.098, worth $9,575.

The NWSSR pro rodeo will officially kick off January 11.

Colorado Vs. The World Results

Cinch Jeans World Team Performance

(Event, place, contestant, rodeo represented, time or score, earnings)

            Bareback Riding: 1, (tie) Ethan Crouch, Calgary (Alberta) Stampede, and Will Lowe, Rodeo Austin, 82.5 and $900 each. 3, Kory Hart, Rodeo Houston, 81, $650. 4, Colton Clemens, Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, 79, $550. 

Steer Wrestling: 1, Gage Hess, Rodeo Houston, 3.7 seconds, $1,050. 2, Billy Boldon, Rodeo Rapid City (South Dakota), 4.1, $750. 3, Chisum Docheff, San Angelo (Texas) Rodeo, 4.4, $650. 4, Stan Branco, Rodeo Austin, 4.6, $550. 

            Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Brady Hill, Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, 83 points, $1,050. 2, Jade Blackwell, Rodeo Rapid City (South Dakota), 81, $750. 3, Josh Davison, Rodeo Austin, 80.5, $650. 4, Weston Patterson, Rodeo Houston, 80, $550. 

            Women’s Barrel Race: 1, Carley Cervi, Calgary (Alberta) Stampede, 14.74, $1,050. 2, Molly Pritchard, Cheyenne (Wyoming) Frontier Days, 15.02, $750. 3, Amanda Welsh, Rodeo Austin, 15.08, $650. 4, (tie) Kim Schulze, San Angelo (Texas) Rodeo  and Molly Otto, Rodeo Houston, 15.23 and $375 each. 

            Bull Riding: 1, Josh Davison, Cheyenne (Wyoming) Frontier Days, 82, $1,450. 2, Jate Frost, Rodeo Austin, 59, $1,150. (advance based on time) 3, Jackson Ward, Rodeo Rapid City and Garrett Norby, Calgary (Alberta) Stampede. 

RAM Rodeo Colorado Team Performance

(Event, place, contestant, rodeo represented, time or score, earnings)

            Bareback Riding: 1, Weston Timberman, Elizabeth Stampede, 89 points, $1,050. 2, Bryce Eck, Wild Card, 82, $750. 3, Seth Hardwick, Pikes Peak or Bust (Colorado Springs), 81.5, $650. 4, Garrett Shadbolt, National Western Stock Show, 81, $550. 

            Steer Wrestling: 1, Jace Melvin, National Western Stock Show, 4.05, $1,050. 2, Austin Eller, Rooftop Rodeo (Estes Park), 4.25, $750. 3, Kodie Jang, Larimer County Fair Rodeo (Loveland), 4.85, $650. 4, Kyle Irwin, Wild Card, 5.1, $550. 

            Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Wyatt Caspere, Elizabeth Stampede, 84.5, $1,050. 2, K’s Thomson, Larimer County Fair Rodeo (Loveland), 79.5, $750. 3, Jace Lane, Greeley Stampede, 78.5, $650. 4, Statler Wright, Wild Card, 77.5, $550

            Women’s Barrel Race: 1, Carlee Otero, Greeley Stampede, 14.634, $1,050. 2, Michelle Alley, Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo (Colorado Springs), $750. 3, Alex Odle, Elizabeth Stampede, 15.02, $650. 4, Chris Gibson, Larimer County Fair Rodeo (Loveland), 15.056, $550. 

            Bull Riding: 1, (tie) Dillon Tyner, Elizabeth Stampede, and Riker Carter, Wild Card, 84 points and $900 each. 3, Tyler Bingham, Colorado State Fair Rodeo (Pueblo), 82, $650. 4, Trevor Reiste, Greeley Stampede, 78, $550. 

Showdown – Colorado Vs. The World – Contestant, followed by team, score and money. 

            Bareback Riding: (Semifinals) 1, Seth Hardwick, Colorado, 87.5, $1,200. 2, Ethan Crouch, World, 80, $1,200. (Final) Hardwick, 90, $8,000 

            Steer Wrestling: (Semifinals) 1, Jace Melvin, Colorado, 3.85, $1,200. 2, Gage Hesse, World, 4.28, $1,200. (Final) Melvin. 4.14, $8,000. 

            Saddle Bronc Riding: (Semifinals) 1, Wyatt Casper, Colorado, 85.5, $1,200. 2, Brady Hill, Worl,  80, $1,200. (Final) 1, Casper, 89.5, $8,000. 

            Women’s Barrel Race: (Semifinals) 1, Kim Schulze, World, 15.031, $1,200. 2, Chris Gibson, Colorado, 15.370, $1,200. (Final) 1, Schulze, 15.098, $8,000

            Bull Riding: (Semifinals) 1, Jate Frost, World, 84, $1,200. 2, Dillon Tyner, Colorado, no score, $1,200. (Final), Frost, 87, $8,000.


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