Ceeli Pinkston and Hes So Epic defend Sherry Cervi Youth Championship Senior Average title; Rori Fenner and Matts Fancy Playgirl top Sherry Cervi Youth Championship Junior Average.

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Not only does Sherry Cervi lead a legacy as one of the greatest barrel racers of all time after being named a four-time World Champion Barrel Racer and $3.3 million cowgirl, but she now continues to make a lasting impression in the barrel racing industry by promoting the success of the next generation of barrel racers through the Sherry Cervi Youth Championship barrel races.

With an event in Arizona, California, Ohio, and Minnesota, the SCYC boasts a junior and senior division to give youth barrel racers of all ages and from all parts of the country the opportunity to compete for added money and prizes. Not only do the events give out 10 Martin Stingray saddles and many additional prizes provided by sponsors, but they also award thousands of dollars in scholarship money to youth barrel racers going into the next phase of their career.

12-year-old Rori Fenner of Lovelock, Nevada, won the average in the 12 and under junior division on 2010 red roan mare, Matts Fancy Playgirl, and she placed second in the average on 2005 buckskin gelding, Mr Star Bogie, who was also awarded Horse With The Most Heart of the event by Sherry Cervi.

Morgan Anderson for Barrel Horse News: Tell me a little bit about yourself and your horses.

Ann-Marie Fenner, mother of Rori Fenner: “Rori has been barrel racing her entire life, and we have been coming to the SCYC since 2017, where we first slept up in the nose of the tack room of our trailer as we were just getting started barrel racing. Since then, her horse Mr Star Bogie, also known as Bucky, has won reserve champion in the junior division three years in a row. He was set up to win the championship this year when her other horse, Matts Fancy Playgirl, known as Pink, stepped up and outran him to win the junior division. Both horses were trained by Kimberly and Sandra Carver who live in Oklahoma.”

BHN: Tell me more about Bucky who was awarded Horse With The Most Heart.

Ann-Marie: “After losing Rori’s horse suddenly in the middle of the night, Rori stated she didn’t want another sorrel gelding, and her dream horse was a roan or a buckskin. So one night I was scrolling on facebook in the fall of 2020, and I saw this buckskin gelding who just stuck out to me. The stars aligned, and we were able to purchase Bucky who Rori clicked with immediately. Bucky earned his name because up until he was eight years old, he was a ranch horse that still bucked. Since we purchased Bucky in 2020, Rori has won over $200,000 on Bucky who is 18-years-old and still winning.”

BHN: What made this win so special?

Ann-Marie: “It is just really special to look back and see how far we have come since we first started coming to the SCYC in 2017. This is one of our favorite barrel races to attend each year. Rori works so hard at it, and it was so rewarding to see her finally clinch the championship. When we first bought Pink, we really struggled keeping her healthy physically, and it took almost three years to get her to the point of running in the 1D again. Since, she has won almost $75,000, and it is very humbling after the trials and tribulations we have gone through with the horses.”

BHN: What are your future plans and goals?

Ann-Marie: “Rori would like to make the American Rodeo, as well as someday make the National Finals Rodeo. She has also started riding some of the younger horses in our breeding program, so it will be exciting to see her take the next step as a trainer.”

15-year-old Ceeli Pinkston of Wills Point, Texas, and 2018 gray stallion, Hes So Epic, made a clean sweep of the 13-18 year old senior division, winning both rounds clinching the senior division average title for the second year in a row.

barrel racer
Rori Fenner of Lovelock, Nevada, rode 2005 buckskin gelding, Mr Star Bogie, who was named Horse With The Most Heart by Sherry Cervi, to a first place finish in round one and a second place finish in round two to be named the SCYC junior division average Reserve Champion for the fourth year in a row. The dynamic duo boasted an aggregate time of 29.967 and cashed out at over $930 in weekend earnings. Photo by Cowboy Images

Morgan Anderson for Barrel Horse News: Tell me a little bit about yourself and your horse.

Ceeli Pinkston: “I have been barrel racing my entire life, my mom, Cherry Pinkston says, I was born a barrel racer. I have been coming to the SCYC since I was really young. We purchased Hes So Epic, also known as Icey, in 2021 from Stephanie Duke. We clicked immediately and since purchasing him from Stephanie, I have won almost $400,000 on him, including the SCYC senior division average title in 2023.”

BHN: What makes Icey so special to you?

Ceeli: “We owned a stallion named Casino for over eight years, and he was really special to me. When we lost Casino, I was heart-broken, and I didn’t want another stallion, but my mom did. I always say that Casino sent Icey to us. He is the biggest blessing. He has the best personality, and he loves to run barrels.”

BHN: What is your favorite part of the SCYC?

Ceeli: “This is my favorite youth race of the year. Going to the derbies is almost like a business, so this race is just about having fun with my friends my age. Sherry Cervi is so professional and such an inspiration to look up to. The race is so well run and so fun for all of the contestants to be a part of.”

BHN: What are your future goals and plans?

Ceeli: “I would really like to qualify for the American, and I plan to buy my permit when I turn 18 and try to make the NFR. We are also really excited about Icey’s first foal crop this year and we are looking forward to watching him produce as a sire.”

BHN: Who would you like to thank?Ceeli: “I am just so thankful to have such a special horse, who I know was a God-send to me. I couldn’t do this without the support of my family and friends. I would also like to thank my sponsors.


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