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mckenzie benson a third rock

Mackenzie Benson and A Third Rock. (photo by Brenda Rettinger)

The first day of Spring may have officially come at the end of March, but for barrel racers across the Northern Plains, the true beginning of the Spring season came when the ripe Turn Classic returned to Bowman, N.D., April 16-17.

Mackenzie Benson proved to have the most horsepower at her disposal at All Seasons Arena, as she earned the Open 1D championship in Sunday’s race with a time of 14.811 seconds aboard A Third Rock, the fastest time recorded at the Classic. Benson earned a high money total $1,048.76 for her efforts riding A Third Rock, as well as Dandy Free Sky, upon whom she earned a pair of Open paychecks.

Korrey Hansen and Perk Up Anngee won Saturday’s Open 1D championship, posting a time of 14.845 seconds to top reserve champions Gale Beebe and Im A Beamer.

nici meyer charm an american

Nici Meyer and An American Charm. (photo by Brenda Rettinger)

Triple Turn Classic

When: April 16-17
Where: All Seasons Arena in Bowman, N.D.
Open Entries: 512
Total Payout: $18,036.21
Winners: Saturday Open: 1D) Korrey Hansen/ Perk Up Anngee/ 14.845/ $692.16; 2D) Kaytee Schaffer/ Sammy/ 15.346/ $599.28; 3D) Allene Nelson/ JM Go MT Go/ 15.855/ $413.52; 4D) Courtney Olson/ RJ/ 16.352/ $320.64.
Sunday Open: 1D) Mackenzie Benson/ A Third Rock/ 14.811/ $679.56; 2D) Nici Meyer/ Charm An American/ 15.322/ $588.48; 3D) Linda Vigen/ Woodys Pep/ 15.812/ $355.53; 3D) Kendra Palaniuk/ Bubbles/ 15.322/ $355.53; 4D) Linda Hunter/ Dashers Punk/ 16.316/ $315.24.
Saturday Youth: 1D) Lexus Kelsch/ Flipmia Lady/ 15.051/ $56.70; 2D) Kassie Meyer/ Tobasco/ 15.648/ $48.60; 3D) Savanah Meyer/ Harly/ 16.232/ $32.40; 4D) Lydia Schmidt/ Renecue Chief/ 18.164/ $40.50.
Sunday Youth: 1D) Joeni Lueders/ Randy/ 14.88/ $60.75; 3D) Katelyn Schaffner/ Go Saint Par/ 16.061/ $40.50; 4D) Lydia Schmidt/ Renecue Chief/ 17.064/ $56.25.
Saturday Senior: 1D) Cathy Roesler/ McDrew Cash/ 15.281/ $98.65; 2D) Kelly Gorrell/ Montana Easy move/ 15.928/ $102.54; 3D) Barbara Flammond/ North Star/ 16.495/ $59.05; 4D) Victoria Eskridge/ Go For Goody Too/ 16.840/ $45.85.
Sunday Senior: 1D) Kris Bartholomew/ CLG All The Money/ 15.014/ $102.85; 2D) Mary Crago/ CM Bubblin Dynamite/ 15.526/ $89.05; 3D) Erin Lems/ Speedy Chic/ 16.113/ $61.45; 4) Victoria Eskridge/ Go For Goody Too/ 16.886/ $47.65.

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