McDonald and Bling lit up the leader board with a time of 16.42 running fifth on the ground during the 14th performance, held Saturday, Jan. 31. With 28 performances plus a finals on February 7, Fort Worth uses a progressive format to take the top 70 qualifiers back for their second go round, which begins with the 22nd performance on Wednesday, Feb. 4 at 2 p.m., according to WPRA ground rules. Don’t miss the April issue of Barrel Horse News for complete coverage of major winter stock shows!  14 Perf Sarah Rose McDonald
Unofficially, the current top 10: 1. Sarah Rose McDonald, 16.41; 2. Romany Gordon, 16.48; 3. Mary Burger, 16.58; 4. Fallon Taylor, 16.62; 5. Meghan Johnson, 16.63; 6. Kendra Dickson, 16.66; split 7-10. Alexa Lake, 16.67; Deb Guelly, 16.67; Taylor Jacob, 16.67; Jill Tanner, 16.67.  


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