July 17

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Lauren Underwood.

The Short Go today was extremely tough. In the barrel pen, the ground was slower today, but the girls didn’t hold back at all.

The 2010 IFYR Barrel Racing Champion is Brittany Hurley from Arkansas. Brittany came back in the #1 spot in the aggregate and finished number one also. I would also like to say congratulations to Mary Gentry from Georgia, she is the 2010 IFYR Pole Bending Champion. She was sitting #4 in the aggregate coming into the Short Go and finished #1 in the round and the aggregate. The 2010 All-Around Cowgirl is Ceri McCaffery from Oklahoma, winning around $6,000.

Congratulations to all Finalists and Champions. For more information about the rodeo, visit ifyr.com.
The IFYR Short Go is televised, it will be on channel 230 (Dish) on August 24 (not official).

Lauren Underwood, 16, Meeker, Okla.

For short go round results, click here.

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July 16

Today was the last two long go performances for the IFYR. The barrel racing was extremely tough. A 16.4 (which won the first round) was placed around 10th in round two. Sierra Tallchief won the round with a 16.2.

Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. is the short go, and only the Top 15 in each event will make it. The barrel racing was so tough that the aggergate times to make it back were only three tenths from 1st to 15th. It will all come down to tomorrow’s runs. The ground is going to be fast, and the girls will be ready.

In the Pole Bending, there was a time of 19.7 that was ran this morning and took the top spot in the round. There was also a fast time of 7.6 that took the lead in the Goat Tying. This round has been tough in all of the events and will only be tougher tomorrow.

There are going to be lots of prizes and money paid out in the finals, from brand new twister saddles to trailers to the All-Around winners.

Stay tuned for my next update.
Lauren Underwood, 16, Meeker, Okla.

To download a copy of the complete 1st go round results from the IFYR, click here. For second round results, click here.

Click here to download a copy of the average standings.


July 15

Today was a busy day at the IFYR. There were many great runs and rides! In the evening performance, the IFYR announced the 2011 Youth Directors. The Youth Directors are 6 contestants (3 boys and 3 girls) from anywhere in the country to work down on the arena floor in the 2011 IFYR. The 2011 Youth Directors are: Laramie Camerer, Benjamin Cox, Kristopher Williams, Bailey Grasmick, Lauren Underwood and a returning Youth Director, Jessie Litkenhus.

This morning, the ground for the barrel racing was fast, and there were some great runs made. Currently leading the second round is Sierra Tallchief with a 16.2. The barrel racing is getting even tougher every performance. Tomorrow evening after the final long-go performance, the Top 15 in each event in the aggregate will be coming back to the short go Saturday at 10 a.m. Good luck to all the contestants!

Stay tuned for my next update.
Lauren Underwood, 16, Meeker, Okla.


July 14

Things have been busy in Shawnee, Okla., at the International Finals Youth Rodeo. The IFYR is an amazing rodeo that takes place once a year. With over 900 contestants from 31 states, the competition is tough.

This rodeo is also very unique, it has three arenas going at once, so there’s always something you don’t want to miss. There are two long go’s and a short go on Saturday. Only the top 15 will make it back to the short go Saturday morning.

This morning, the first go ended, and the second go starts tonight. However, there’s not just a rodeo going on—there is also a Western Tradeshow, with vendors from all over the country, as well as a volleyball tournament for contestants, a jackpot every night and a rock wall to climb.

I competed in pole bending Monday morning and barrel racing Tuesday morning. In pole bending, I ran a 21.2, however, we took down two poles along the way. It started raining when the performance started and poured right before I ran. In barrel racing, a 16.6 was winning the go round. I ran a 16.514 and took the lead. Tuesday evening, a 16.494 took the lead. I ended up second in the go round on my mare, Animosa Charisma. I will run again Thursday night in barrels and Friday night in pole bending.

Stay tuned for my next update.
Lauren Underwood, 16, Meeker, Okla.


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