Following a disappointing slip on the second barrel in the first round, Dennison says this win is bitter sweet and it took Eagle a few runs to get his confidence back in the arena… but they did it! Kassidy DannisonKassidy Dannison

“I’m truly blessed,” says Dennison. “I got over my bump and basically ran out here and showed why I am here at the Calgary Stampede!”

Dennison says she was frustrated after Day 1, but knew it was up to her and Eagle to get back in the competition and win.

“I know we are a great team. Even though he fell, he takes a two runs for him to get the confidence to come back.”

Despite what some might call a “bad luck” round, this cowgirl says she kept her chin up and is thankful for the opportunity to be riding at Calgary.

“Tomorrow can change,” explains Dennison, “That’s the way rodeo goes, it can change in the blink of an eye.”

The leader of Pool A following Day 4, is the 2012 World Champion and the 2012 Horse of the Year – Mary Walker and Perculatin aka “Latte,” with $17,000 in earnings. Walker won the top $5,500 check on Day 3 with a time of 17.77 seconds, and consistently picked up checks throughout all four rounds of the first Pool at Calgary.

Leaders of Pool A rolling into Showdown Sunday also include Fallon Taylor and Flos Heiress aka “Babyflo” in second place, Carmel Wright and SweetHeart Special aka “Tweety” in third position, and Nancy Hunter and Flit N Fizz aka “Fuzz” in fourth spot.

Taylor won the top check on Day 1 with a time of 17.65 seconds and claimed $16,000 from the first four rounds. Wright claimed Day 2, with a time of 17.72 seconds and has $12,500 in Stampede earnings.

Dennison’s first place $5,500 check won’t be enough to secure her a position for the $100,000 round on Showdown Sunday.However, she will be back in the competition on Wild Card competition on Saturday.  

Following Dennison’s slip on Day 1, the Calgary Stampede quickly tended to the ground issue. More sand was brought into the arena for Day 2 and the Stampede’s Arena Director Kynan Vine assured the ground is safe for the barrel racers, for the rest of the 2015 Calgary Stampede.


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