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2010 WPRA World Champion Sherry Cervi. (photo by Mike Copeman)

Cervi claimed the title aboard MP Meter My Hay (“Stingray”). It is her first world championship since 1999, which she won aboard the late Jet Royal Speed (“Hawk”).

“This is the third horse that I’ve done it on,” Cervi said of winning the 2010 title with Stingray, “and that’s pretty cool. Hawk and Troubles got me to where I’m at. They’re great horses. Stingray is definitely right there ranked with them. I’m a very fortunate person.

“It’s definitely a dream come true. It’s something you dream about when you’re a little girl, and it’s really cool.”

Angie Meadors and Mulberry Canyon Moon (“Mulberry”) earned their second go-round win of the 2010 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo with a run of 13.59 seconds in the 9th Go Round, the second fastest time of the event.

angie meadors mulberry canyon moon mc

Angie Meadors and Mulberry Canyon Moon. (photo by Mike Copeman)

“Tonight, I felt like my first barrel was a little faster than my first barrel in the fourth round,” Meadors said. “[Mulberry] is starting to get a little bit sore out here from the concrete and the hard ground and stuff. I was really hesitant about even running her again, but she felt good enough.”

Meadors admitted that she had to flip a coin to decide which of her two mares she was going to ride in the 9th round.

“I got a coin off the counter in my trailer, flipped it and said ‘Gray is tails, and sorrel is heads,’” she said, “and it was tails.”

“It was hard to decide because both horses are capable. It’s really starting to be a problem back there when I’m getting ready to saddle. I swear I’m standing there with a saddle in each hand going “Okay, which one am I going to saddle?’ I don’t know until the saddle goes on.”

Jill Moody and TR Dashing Badger (“Dolly”) claimed second place in the round with a run of 13.64 seconds, which once again put them in the lead for the NFR Average title, two hundredths of a second ahead of Sherry Cervi and Stingray. Jeanne Anderson and Flaming Firebug earned their first check of the NFR with a third place run of 13.74.

Both Moody and Cervi are on pace to break Charmayne James’ 24-year-old NFR Average record of 138.93 seconds. Moody can break the mark by running a 14.52 or better in the final round. Cervi will have to beat a time of 14.50 seconds to eclipse the mark.

Cervi also has Lindsay Sears’ single-season earnings record of $323,570 in her sights. She can set a new single-year earnings mark by winning the 10th go round as well as claiming first in the Average.

9th Go Results: (# of barrel that was tipped)
1) Angie Meadors and Mulberry Canyon Moon – 13.59 – $17,512.02
2) Jill Moody and TR Dashing Badger – 13.64 – $13,840.14
3) Jeanne Anderson and Flaming Firebug – 13.74 – $10,450.72
4) Sherry Cervi and MP Meter My Hay – 13.75 – $7,343.75
5) Kelli Tolbert and RF Firefly – 13.81 – $4,519.23
6) Brittany Pozzi and Yeah Hes Firen – 13.87 – $2,824.52
7) SherryLynn Johnson and Leading Tradition – 13.88
8) Brenda Mays and Judge Buy Cash – 13.89
9) Lisa Lockhart and An Oakie With Cash – 13.93
10) Christina Richman and Xtrared – 14.04
11) Nellie Williams and Rebas Smokey Joe – 14.11
12) Benette Barrington and Smooth My Credit – 14.25
13) Lindsay Sears and Sugar Moon Express – 15.05 (slip on 2nd)
14) Tana Poppino and Perryman Star – 18.98 (2nd)
15) Sydni Blanchard and Firewater Five – 18.99 (2nd)

World Championship Standings—End of 9th Round
1) Sherry Cervi – $263,457.48
2) Lindsay Sears – $178,391.46
3) Jill Moody – $170,256.62
4) Lisa Lockhart – $148,766.45
5) Kelli Tolbert – $132,240.24
6) Brenda Mays – $129,341.03
7) Brittany Pozzi – $129,139.39
8) Angie Meadors – $87,497.23
9) Nellie Williams – $86,473.46
10) Sydni Blanchard – $82,668.22
11) Christina Richman – $80,791.88
12) Jeanne Anderson – $67,994.11
13) Tana Poppino – $67,445.36
14) SherryLynn Johnson – $60,746.31
15) Benette Barrington – $58,927.30


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