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louis fincher dm streak aboo

Louis Fincher and DM Streak Aboo.

The last vestiges of a long and snowy winter were finally fading across the upper Midwest as late March arrived, signaling barrel racers from throughout the region to make the familiar trek to Lewisburg, Ohio, for the International Barrel Racing Association 3D Futurity and Preferred Show.

Circle G Arena played host to 460 entries, each vying for a share of the nearly $23,000 prize pool up for grabs in Futurity, Open and Master’s competition, and the show they put on thrilled the family members and fans in attendance.

Louis Fincher and DM Streak Aboo proved to be the class of the 41-entry 3D Futurity field—earning a third-place 1D finish in the first go round with a time of 16.225 seconds. The duo blew the doors off the barn in the second go, with a Futurity best run of 15.822 seconds to win not only the round, but also secure the 1D Average title by nearly half a second over reserve champions Kelly Bowser and U Bug Me Frenchman.

jhonda cox tankful of hateful

Jhonda Cox and Tankful Of Hateful.

Jhonda Cox and Tankful Of Hateful survived and up-and-down performance to win the 2D Futurity Average title. The pair topped the 1D standings in the first go with a run of 16.165 seconds, but stumbled in the second go, crossing the eye in 16.920 seconds—which landed them a 3D title. They earned the 2D Average win by just three-quarters of a tenth over Cody Bryant and Pies Sky Rocket.
Shannon Roberts and Ms Famous Gal claimed the 3D Average title in spite of trouble as well. The pair won the 2D championship in the first go round, but second round problems added 1.1 seconds to their time and left them deep in the 3D hole. Their 3D Average winning time of 34.478 seconds beat reserve winners Roger Grow and Mr French Sugar by more than a tenth of a second.


IBRA 3D Futurity and Preferred Show
When: March 25-27
Where: Circle G Arena in Lewisburg, Ohio
Entries: 460
Total Payout: $22,668
Winners: Futurity 1st Go: 1D) Jhonda Cox/ Tankful Of Hateful/ 16.165/ $823; 2D) Shannon Roberts/ Ms Famous Gal/ 16.689/ $494; 3D) Roger Grow/ Mr French Sugar/ 17.252/ $329.
Futurity 2nd Go: 1D) Louis Fincher/ DM Streak Aboo/ 15.822/ $823; 2D) Troy Crumrine/ Delane To Fame/ 16.351/ $494; 3D) Jhonda Cox/ Tankful Of Hateful/ 16.920/ $329.
Futurity Average: 1D) Louis Fincher/ DM Streak Aboo/ 32.047/ $1,098; 2D) Jhonda Cox/ Tankful Of Hateful/ 33.085/ $658; 3D) Shannon Roberts/ Ms Famous Girl/ 34.478/ $439.

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