The juvenile race commenced Tuesday morning, and Montgomery and “Shooter” started moving up the ladder with a 15.636-second run, good for third place in the round and a $3,317 trip to the pay window. In Thursday’s second round of the juvenile, their 15.702-second run placed seventh in the round and sealed the deal on the average title. Total earnings for the day reached $10,994, bringing Shooter’s BFA earnings to nearly $22,000 and earning the 2012 BFA Juvenile Championship crown for Montgomery.marthassixshooter

“He knows he’s somebody,” she said of the gelding. “He’s proud of himself, cocky, just has a winner’s attitude. I have to keep him in line, but he goes in the pen knowing he going to win.”

Marthas Sixshooter is by Bug In My Frosty out of Marthas Moon View and is the only horse owned by Montgomery’s mother- and father-in-law.

In the second round of the open race, Alexia Mehrle set the bar for the four divisions, posting a 15.327 on Shawnees French Bug to win the 1D. Marne Loosenort topped the 2D on Easy Down Honor with a 15.829, Kelli Ringstaff won the 3D on Petes Hancock with a 16.338, and Jennifer Baker finished at the top of the 4D with her time of 16.924 on Gibors Royal Prince.

The BFA World Championships Junior race is set for 2 pm tomorrow, Dec. 8, and the futurity and derby finals and amateur short goes are slated to begin at 6 pm.



Juvenile Second Go 1D:
1. BT Buddy Stinson/Mark Bugni/Bridget Thomas/15.471/$6,837
2. Kiss Me Bill Compton/Ryann Pedone/Ryann Pedone/15.545/$4,840
3. Credit Ta Fame/Brett Monroe/Caryn Henry/15.553/$3,317
4. Story Telling Daisy/Regan Henning/Joel Henning/15.654/$2,504
5. Happy To Run Em/Latricia Duke/Latricia and Jo Duke/15.656/$2,200
6. Paint De Coupe/Holly Wilson/Holly Wilson/15.701/$1,997
7. Marthas Sixshooter/Jolene Montgomery/Nancy and James Baldwin/15.702/$1,861
8. Miss JB 098/Kassie Mowry/Joe and Dee Lynn Braman/15.739/$1,726
9. UR One Famous Rebel/Jana Bean/Breck and Jana Bean/15.813/$1,557
10. Streakin Silver Creek/Michelle McLeod/Carlee Pierce/15.822/$1,455
11. HBS Mayan Gold/Jordon Briggs/Jordon Briggs/15.852/$1,320
12. Perky Bug/Caryn Henery/Jennifer Peurrung/15.862/$1,218
13. Smart Little Noble/William Ball/William and Rachel Ball/15.863/$1,083
14. Return Ta Neverland/Lance Graves/Lance Graves/15.888/$1,015
15. HG Yovell Cartell/Rusty Swaim/Michele Whelan/15.899/$914

Juvenile Second Go 2D:
1. Right Round/Kebo Almond/Howard Jackson/16.474/$851
2. Guys Hot Amber/Chris Martin/CM Barrel Horses and Scott Hopkins/16.475/$767
3. Streakinflingin Disco/Monica McClung/Monica McClung/16.478/$729
4. Rollin N Bullians/Sharin Hall/Casey Gutierrez/16.492/$690
5. Boogie Down Bugs/Bo Hill/Bo Hill and/or Jeff Switzer/16.506/$651
6. Willie B Firewater/Pete Oen/Lynn Cicman/16.529/$606
7. Perkalicious/Kevin Hebenstriet/Kevin Hebenstriet/16.531/$567
8. Iza Special/Janae Ward-Massey/Jud Little/16.532/$547
9. Famous Rock/David Grondin/Guy Lamarche/16.537/$528
10. RLJ Streakin Allie/Craig Brooks/Richard Arsenault/16.538/$509

Juvenile Average:
1. Marthas Sixshooter/Jolene Montgomery/Nancy and James Baldwin/31.338/$9,133
2. My Guy Can Fly/Kassie Mowry/Dave and Lori Zabel/31.485/$6,447
3. Paint De Coupe/Holly Wilson/Holly Wilson/31.538/$4,405
4. BT Buddy Stinson/Mark Bugni/Bridget Thomas/31.606/$3,358
5. CP Konea/Vauna Walker/Sheila Hill/31.662/$2,955
6. Happy To Run Em/Latricia Duke/Latricia and JO Duke/31.801/$2,686
7. Evidence of Arson/Kelly Bowser/Danielle Harrop/31.904/$2,471
8. Streakin Silver Creek/Michelle McLeod/Carlee Pierce/32.028/$2,283
9. Good To Be The King/Jackie Jatzlau/Jackie Jatzlau/32.030/$2,096
10. Incendiary Ivory/Leslie Willis/Leslie and Jason Willis/32.031/$1,934
11. DTF Way Ta Fire/Vauna Walker/Vauna Walker/32.059/$1,773
12. Credit Ta Fame/Brett Monroe/Caryn Henry/32.080/$1,612
13. MKS Twist Of Elvis/Douglas Kerstetter/Douglas Kerstetter/32.150/$1,612
14. Little Eddie Stinson/Kenny Hodges/H3 Farms – Kenny and Toni Hodges/32.175/$1,343
15. Rose Rare/Lance Graves/Guy Rodrigues Peixoto Jr./32.247/$1,235
16. VF Takin The Fame/Marne Loosenort/Danny Kingins/32.249/$1,128
17. LLP Hutt NXS/Brett Monroe/Homer Beasley/32.261/$1,021
18. This Firewater Rocks/Molli Montgomery/Schiller Ranch/32.269/$967
19. Bratwheresyoursocks/Ryann Pedone/Shoppa Ranch, LLC/32.276/$913
20. Buggin Me Baby/Cassie Ward/Jud Little/32.319/$860
21. Another Bug Leo/Jacque Woolman/Arbie and Betty Miller/32.334/$806
22. Straight Toasted/Lisa Maddox-Thornton/Lisa Thornton/32.382/$752
23. Namgis D 18/Kylie Ward/Stan Sigman/32.399/$725
24. Leaving Hot Memories/Craig Brooks/Jordan Manley/32.425/$698
25. HBS Mayan Gold/Jordon Briggs/Jordon Briggs/32.438/$671

Open Second Go 1D:
1. Shawnes French Bug/Alexia Mehrle/15.327/$1,948
2. Flits Little Pyro/Jimmy Bryant/15.385/$1,538
3. Credit To Fiesta/Kara Large/15.420/$1,231
4. Zanes Wonder Bug/Colette Flaharty/15.467/$1,025
5. Bully By Design/Clint Sherlin/15.510/$923
6. Leading Design/Watkins Rye/15.523/$820
7. Roan Horse Rita/PJ Burger/15.564/$718
8. So PerksAmericanRose/Tara Timms/15.612/$615
9. Lindas Sunset/Mattie Little-Jackson/15.621/$513
10. Cookie Bar Nibbles/Casey Kay Davis/15.624/$410
11. Little Dash Priest/Wyatte Grace Andrews/15.631/$308
12. TCS Runaway Susie/Ryann Pedone/15.667/$205

Open Second Go 2D:
1. Easy Down Honor/Marne Loosenort/15.829/$1,670
2. Jessie James Stover/JR Sullivan/15.831/$1,318
3. Honors Past Due/Jackie Ganter/15.835/$1,055
4. Just Aint No Angel/Add Waddell/15.836/$879
5. Dash N Sparks/Kenal Owen/15.842/$791
6. Frenchmans Jester/Jackie Ganter/15.848/$703
7. Smarty Jo Bug/Kimberly Cockrell/15.852/$615
8. Triplethehi/Angela Ganter/15.854/$527
9. Fifth Of Jack/Nicole Love/15.886/$439
10. Sonyador Yankee/Jennifer Rocheleau/15.904/$352
11. Shakems French Queen/Jax Johnson/15.907/$264
12. Firey Effort/Wyatte Grace Andrews/15.908/$176

Open Second Go 3D:
1. Petes Hancock/Kelli Ringstaff/16.338/$1,113
2. Dinamite Perks/Destri Devenport/16.339/$879
3. Doctor The Red/Kelli Ringstaff/16.369/$703
4. Jens KY Jet/Morgan Jones/16.371/$586
5. Abby/Toni Horkley/16.378/$527
6. Born To Fame/Paul Humphrey/16.381/$469
7. Cause Im A Lily/Jeramie Godwin/16.387/$410
8. Money Makin Jet/Morgan Jones/16.398/$352
9. HM She Is On Fire/Kyle Leleux/16.402/$293
10. Royally Magnificant/Watkins Rye/16.420/$234
11. Hunkamotion/Toni Horkley/16.447/$176
12. Rowdy Badboy/Courtney Cantrell/16.471/$117

Open Second Go 4D:
1. Gibors Royal Prince/Jennifer Baker/16.924/$835
2. Flyin Heart Guy/Sissy Davie/16.931/$659
3. Hutts Ginger Snap/Boomer Pierce/16.974/$527
4. Swingin KC King/Valerie Ford/16.979/$439
5. BF Dun Itonthemoney/Tonie Greenless/17.071/$395
6. Dalts Maverick/Sarah Preston/17.102/$352
7. Tango/Kay Blandford/17.160/$308
8. RRR Seis The Cash/Gerald Bernauer/17.188/$264
9. PHfirewaterpayday/Paul Humphery/17.210/$219
10. Aces Risky Remedy/Joan Morgan/17.410/$176
11. Coals Wicked Willie/Katherine Cisneros/17.508/$132
12. Katies Last Request/Nakia Rhodes/17.749/$88

Open Average:
1D: Bully By Design/Clint Sherlin/31.108
2D: Fifth Of Jack/Nicole Love/31.716
3D: AC Take A Kiss/Kylar Terlip/32.693
4D: Hutts Ginger Snap/Boomer Pierce/33.838


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