Lindsay Schulz fell in love with Eddie Stinson in an era when the stunning sorrel stallion was beginning to show his promise as a producing son of all-time leading barrel horse sire Dash Ta Fame but had yet to become a barrel racing household name. Captivated by his winning presence, the Moses Lake, Washington, trainer knew in her gut that she needed an Eddie Stinson prospect in her barn. She searched until she found the perfect fit — a 3-year-old filly named Miss Eedie Stinson.

“I just fell in love with her right away,” Schulz recalled. “She is out of an own daughter of Judge Cash, who is a huge Northwest staple, and I really felt like she brought together the best of two worlds. I was just a piddly trainer, freshly married with barely a penny to my name, so I was lucky that Eddie Stinson wasn’t so big at the time that I couldn’t afford to buy her.”

Schulz snatched “Eedie” up without hesitation, and almost immediately, the young trainer knew her hunch had been right. Eedie had a kind disposition, was great to be around, and took to the barrels like she had been born for them. Still, her journey to the winner’s circle was not without its setbacks.

“She fell and fractured her front teeth shortly before her first futurity, so she had to have those extracted,” Schulz explained. “After she healed from that, we entered her and she tipped to miss winning the very first futurity she ran in. She won the second futurity we entered her in by nearly half a second.”

Just like that, Eedie was a winner. But when Schulz found out she was pregnant, the mare’s futurity career quickly came to a screeching halt. While Schulz knew she could easily sell Eedie, she wasn’t ready to give up on the goals she hoped they could achieve together. She opted, instead, to turn the mare out to pasture and take her chances the following season. Eedie wasted no time making up for it during her derby year.

“She came back stronger than ever. She qualified for The American Rodeo semi-finals that year with only 15 runs under her belt. It was incredible,” Schulz mused. 

Unfortunately, Eedie would soon be face-to-face with another setback: a torn collateral ligament she sustained while preparing for The American semi-finals. 

“She had a year off to heal from that injury,” Schulz shared. “Then she came back the following year with only one or two runs under her belt and qualified for [The American] semi-finals again. When you write the book on unicorns, you’re writing it about this mare. She has more heart and try than any other horse I’ve seen. She has never failed or gone backward. You can ask anybody — when she goes in to run, she’s either going to tip a barrel or she’s going to try to set an arena record. She’s doesn’t know how to give anything other than 120%.”

For the past seven years, Eedie has given Schulz nothing less than her best effort at every barrel race she’s been entered in. From wins at the prestigious Pink Buckle Barrel Race to a staggering six qualifications to The American Rodeo, there in no arguing that the talented daughter of Eddie Stinson boasts an impressive resume. Now 12 years old, the 16.2 hand powerhouse of a mare shows no sign of slowing down. Most recently, she added a win at the Xtreme Mini Million in Las Vegas, Nevada, to her lengthy list of accomplishments, running a 14.897 to clinch the win and $6,137. While Schulz is grateful for every victory, she says she knows whenever Eedie runs down the alley, she is going in for the win.

“She’s there to win every time she steps foot in the arena,” Schulz said. “She knows no quit. Good ground or bad ground, she knows no better — she’s there to win.”

Xtreme Mini Million Divisional Results:

1D—Lindsay Schulz on Miss Eedie Stinson, 14.897, $6,137

2D—Maggie Poloncic on Aint Seen Her Yet, 15.407, $5,401

3D—Adrian McClure on LS Millionares Fling, 15.899, $4,910

4D—Chelsea Kennedy on Master In Charge, 16.406, $4,419

5D—Carissa Miller on CRSB Famous Sprat, 16.901, $3,682

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