“Fort Worth is one of those places where you can start off a good rodeo year if you place high here,” said Ketcham, who has owned Uno since she was a 3-year-old. “I told my little boy today I’d love to win this rodeo more than any I go to all year.” copy of ketcham

Ketcham came straight from the National Western Stock Show Rodeo in Denver, Colo. to Fort Worth and she’s hopeful that her mare doesn’t have any bad side effects from the trip. “She’s been fine until tonight when I was warming her up she coughed once, but I didn’t think much about it. But after our run she coughed again like she was having trouble catching her breath. I’ll let my vet at home check her out early next week.”

With a 7-year-old son that has to be back for school, Ketcham made the nine-hour haul back to New Mexico and will return next week for the Semi Finals.

“I was really proud of my run tonight,” said Ketcham. “We were next-to-last on the ground. She turned her second barrel a little tighter than I wanted but she always works good here and running back into the long, dark, alley doesn’t seem to bother her like it does some of the other horses. She was running hard.”

Following Molly Childers opening night lead of 16.88, Benette Little took charge during the second performance with a 16.74. But her lead was short lived when Sharin Hall, Kingston, Okla. clocked a 16.69 during the early bird 10 a.m. third performance on Saturday morning. Hall, riding a 5-year-old former futurity horse named Cartels Fame, held the lead through three more performances before Ketcham clocked her 16.68.  Another fast time during Sunday night’s seventh performance was Taylor Jacob, Carmine, Texas (who was first out in the seventh performance). She held a tie for the lead with Hall for seven runners until Ketcham moved Hall and Jacob to a second and third split.


6th Performance, Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013, 2 p.m.

Britany Fleck, 16.99

Sarah Attea, 17.04

Kyndal McCown, 17.12

Ryann Pedone, 17.13

Nicole Riggle, 17.28

Pam Deaver, 17.47

Jordon Crossley, 17.64

Katti Pinnix, 22.72

Andrea Wolf, 23.07


7th Performance, Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013, 7:30 p.m.

Sabrina Ketcham, 16.68

Taylor Jacob, 16.69

Kortney Fisher, 16.74

Aimee Kay, 16.79

Ashley Leifeste, 16.90

Lauren Cox, 17.33

Alexia Mehrle, 17.42

Cassie Moseley, 21.74

Katie LaMaster, 23.55


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