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(Calgary, AB) – Reigning Stampede Champion, Lisa Lockhart is back in Cowtown, capturing the spotlight at the 2016 Calgary Stampede. The 2015 Calgary Stampede Champion from Oelrichs, SD, and her great buckskin An Oakie With Cash aka “Louie” (Biebers Oakie x Lady Kaweah Cash), made a rippling returned to Calgary, setting the pace in the Pool B barrel racing competition.

Lockhart said she’s always confident that her great horse Louie can handle Calgary. However, she gracefully commented that this show is unpredictable and it’s always anyone’s game to win.

“I love Calgary, said Lockhart. “The stakes are so high here, but you just go out and do what you can do.”

The Stampede veteran claimed three wins (out of four go-rounds) in Calgary’s Pool B competition – totaling $20,000 – putting her name on top of the average.

So far this season, the defending champ said, her great mount Louie has been running very strong and another big $100,000 win on Sunday, is certainly a goal they can handle.

“He’s going to give it his all,” smiled Lockhart.

DEK LisaLockhart Day7Lisa Lockhart and “Louie” top Pool B in Calgary. Photo by Deanna Kristensen

Lockhart and Louie definitely excel as a team in Calgary. But after winning her second go-round win in the third performance of Pool B), the veteran said Fast An Gold aka “Chism” (Lockhart’s backup horse), was ready to grasp the ground in the final go-round. And the big 18-year-old gelding, certainly was. On the last day of her pool, Lockhart gave Louie the day off, and Chism stepped in to aid the final win. Lockhart and Chism’s time of 18.18 seconds tied Cayla Melby of Burneyville, OK, aboard Docs Frosty Blue Bar, for the first place position. Undoubtedly, after setting the pace in Pool B Lockhart’s great buckskin will be ready to run again, as this team easily moves into Showdown Sunday – with a $7,000 lead in the Pool B Standings.

Canadian Champion Nancy Csabay and her mare Little Miss Wicked aka “Wicked” (Terribly Wicked x Like An Effort), captured their first win of the 2016 season, in the second go-round of Pool B. Csabay’s lightning fast time of 17.56 seconds, put $5,500 into jeans and secured her second place position, in the Pool B standings.

Rolling into the final performances, Lockhart, Csabay, McLeod, Ganter move onto Sunday’s Showdown race for the $100,000. Saturday’s Wild Card rodeo performance, will also offer two more contestants another chance to obtain a coveted spot in the race for the big payout, on Showdown Sunday.

Calgary Stamped Pool B Average Results:

1.Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, SD, $20.000
2. Nancy Csabay, Taber, AB, $13,000
3. Michele McLeod, Whitesboro, TX, $8,500
4. Jackie Ganter, Abilene, TX, $8,000
5. Vickie Carter, Richfield, UT, $6,000
6/7. Cayla Melby, Burneyville, OK, $5,000
6/7. Kimmie Wall, Roosevelt, UT, $5,000
8. Deb Guelly, Okotoks, AB, $4,500
9. Paige Willis, Bristol, FL, $0.00
10. Crossley Callahan, Hermiston, OR, $0,00

Saturday’s Wild Card Competitors:

Vickie Carter, Richfield, UT
Cayla Melby, Burneyville, OK
Kimmie Wall, Roosevelt, UT
Deb Guelly, Okotoks, AB
Paige Willis, Bristol, FL
Callahan Crossley, Hermiston, OR
Julie Leggett, Kamloops, BC
Mary Walker, Ennis TX
Sarah Rose McDonald, Brunswick, GA
Fallon Taylor, Collinsville, TX
Cassidy Kruse, Gillette, WY


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