The National Barrel Horse Association kicked off its Las Vegas Super Show at the South Point Arena June 2 – 5, 2022, presented by Professional’s Choice.

Haley Wolfe and Iron Eyes Rio Bravo topped the field to take home the 1D aggregate championship with a time of 43.861. Wolfe and her 15-year-old gray gelding “Lynx” also turned in a 14.343 on Saturday to top the 1D and earn $1,654. 

“It was a fun run,” Wolfe told NBHA in a post-run interview. “I decided this time I was not going to hit a barrel whether it was a good run or not I was going to get around them.”

The Flora Vista, New Mexico, barrel racer is no stranger to excelling under pressure having earned more than $233,520 in EquiStat reported lifetime earnings. Lynx is equally accomplished having earned more than $83,000 in EquiStat earnings—the large majority with Wolfe—and together the duo have qualified for three American Semifinals as well as advanced to AT&T Stadium, among other big wins.

Along with their average win and the fast time turned in on Saturday Wolfe and Lynx also finished third in Friday’s Open 1D with a 14.673 worth an additional $1,510.

Average Champs:

The 2D average championship was shared between Amy Sanborn and Lisa Trach with times of 45.395. Sandborn rode Husslin Up Famous Lisas Bugs while Trach rode Spot Me Up to the shared victory.   

Trach and 8-year-old Spot Me Up have been partners since his 4-year-old year when Trach purchased the gelding as a cutting reject. While the duo struggled through the 2021 season with their first barrel Trach made the decision at the end of 2021 to switch him to the left. That strategy made all the difference and the duo have hit full stride in their progress this year. 

“I switched him to the left and made a couple runs that felt pretty good, and now this year he has just been outstanding and I am so excited for his future. He was so consistent all weekend, even after the 24 hour drive from Alberta, Canada,” Trach said of his performance in Las Vegas. “I actually came to the event because I have a younger horse that is a Ruby Buckle horse that won third on in the 4D of that race, paying just over $7,000 so I had an amazing weekend and just loved the event.” 

While Trach wasn’t present for the win photo as she was back on the road home to Canada she said she felt blessed for the experience, the camaraderie she experienced at the NBHA Las Vegas Super Show and, of course, the success of her horses. 

“I am so glad I went to the race, chose what I did, and feel very blessed to have had the experience and my special horse,” she said.

Shelly Terry and Siraccos Fame won the 3D average title with a 46.879. 

Tasha Enriquez and Frenchkissin Angel won the 4D average championship with a time of 48.384. 

Hailey Hernandez and Gracie won the 5D average with a 49.876.

Run for the Rubies:

Jimmie Smith and Sipping On Firewater took home the Las Vegas Run for the Rubies championship which was held in conjunction with the National Barrel Horse Association Professional’s Choice Las Vegas Super Show June 2-5, 2022, at the South Point Arena.

Smith piloted the 2015 sorrel mare, by Shawne Bug Leo out of Firewater Squaw, who’s by Firewater Flit, to a time of 14.505 to earn $12,600 for owners McColee Land & Livestock LLC, $1,575 for the stallion and $1,575 for breeder Nicklebar Ranch.

Jimmie Smith and sorrel mare turning second barrel
Jimmie Smith and Sipping On Firewater topped the Ruby Buckle, Las Vegas Run for the Rubies, held in conjunction with the NBHA Las Vegas Super Show. Photo by Lexi Smith Media

NBHA Las Vegas Super Show RESULTS:


1D: 1) Haley Wolfe/ Iron Eyes Rio Bravo/ 14.343/ $1,654; 2) Talia Jeager/ Frenchman’s Spice/ 14.503/ $1,497; 3) Kailee Murdock/ Little Dashn Nick/ 14.639/ $1,229. 

2D: 1) Skyler Sutton/ Sun Kissed By Choice/ 14.844/ $1,463; 2) Rylea Platts/ JW Frenchmanicure/ 14.856/ $1,324; 3) Jordynn Knight/ Riptide Rider/ 14.858/ $1,087. 

3D: 1) Amy Slye/ Wasabii/ 15.347/ $1,272; 2-3) Jamie Hinton Anderson/ Spratts Abigail/ 15.354/ $1,049; 2-3) Allyson Shiffrar/ Double Frosted Drift/ $1,049. 

4D: 1) Sophie Alderman Jesz/ Bluesmycolor/ 15.845/ $1,081; 2) Jenna Reardon/ Diskreta French/ 15.855/ $979; 3) Amanda Childers/ Joliboon Meshach/ 15.858/ $643. 


1D: 1) Ariel McClure/ LS Millionaires Fling/ 14.436/ $3,041; 2) Kailee Murdock/ Little Dashn Nick/ 14.494/ $2,745; 3) Jimmie Smith/ Sipping On Firewater/ 14.505/ $2,241. 

2D: 1,2,3) Tammy Smith/ Streakin Sixty Stars/ 14.949/ $2,367; 1,2,3) Megan White/ Rushin Ta Be Famous/ 4.949/ $2,367; 1,2,3) Jackie Berryhill/ Perks Of Being A Jet/ 4.949/ $2,367.

3D: 1) Haley Longfield/ A Streakin Fiesta/ 15.436/ $2,339; 2) Kelsey Hayden/ Goodbye Miss Manny/ 15.439/ $2,112; 3) Riya Uppal/ DB Peppy Little Pistol/ 15.441/ $1,724. 

4D: 1-2) Olivia Bongiorno/ Fireball/ 15.936/ $1,892; 1-2) Danielle Winn/ Dibs On A Frenchgirl/ 15.936/ $1,892; 3) Vicki Keeney/ Barsons Clipped/ 15.941/ $1,301. 


1D: 1) Kelli Kamm/ Frenchmansmagicmike/ 14.664/ $1,831; 2-3) Brianna Trepanier/ DHR Perks Easy Fols/ 14.673/ $1,510; 2-3) Haley Wolfe, Iron Eyes Rio Bravo/ 14.673/ $1,510. 

2D: 1-2) Rose Jones/ Runs With Stilletto/ 15.164/$1.544; 1-2) Taylor Rivera/ Million Bucks/ 15.164/ $1,544; 3) Jo Lynn Kring/ Kant Be Too Famous/ 15.176/ $1,204.

3D: 1) Haley Longfield/ A Streakin Fiesta/ 15.668/ $1,409; 2) Dottie Morse/ Firen On Water/ 15.669/ $1,276; 3) Rebecca Arnold/ Key Game/ 15.673/ $1,047. 

4D: 1) Ann Okelberry/ The Noticer/ 16.168/ $1,198; 2) Talia Klotzkin/ Bitchin Camaro/ 16.174/ $1,084; 3) Virginia McClintock/ Cats Peppy Bell/ 16.176/ $890. 

Full Results: Live race results and more all on SaddleBook here:

Ariel McClure turning second barrel
Ariel McClure and LS Millionaires Fling topped Saturday’s Open 1D with a 14.436, worth $3,041. Photo by Lexi Smith
Kelli Kamm and Frenchmansmagicmike turning barrel . 
Kelli Kamm and Frenchmansmagicmike topped Friday’s Open 1D with a 14.664, worth $1,831. Photo by Lexi Smith

Show Information:

All competitors, please check in before your run and follow our NBHA 2022 Professional’s Choice Las Vegas Super Show Facebook Event Page for all the latest updates.

Live Race Results
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