With 952 runs in the Open  4-D, and 403 entries in the incentive races the weekend ended with a $39,801 payout.  We were overwhelmed with the wonderful turnout and great barrel racing that took place in Hattiesburg, MS the weekend of January 2nd thru the 4th, 2009.

We started the event out Friday during the day with free exhibitions for all that wanted to run.  The first go of the Open 4-D started the barrel racing that evening with 412 entries.  Brian Wheeler on Ms. Frenchman Bully came out on top with a 14.822 winning him a check for $566.00 and a spot in Sunday’s Finals.  Darlene Moran on Sailor ran a 15.329 to win the 2-D, Melena Sweeney on Waynes Watch Me ran a 15.824 to win the 3-D, Janet Rogers on Dell Bar Lady ran a 16.831 to win the 4-D.  Saturday morning brought the Open 4-D 2nd go with Darlene Moran and BRISCOCANGETIT clocking a beautiful 14.634 run to win the 1-D and $604.00.  That run was the fastest time coming back in the finals on Sunday.  Clint Crider on Quick The Whiskey ran a 15.147 to win the 2-D, Ty Marks ran a 15.637 to win the 3-D, and Frank Carmena on Cash ran a 16.659 to win the 4-D. 

After Saturday’s Open race, we had the famous POP-UP Barrel race.  Runners raced around the POP-UP barrels, not holding anything back when it came to knocking over the barrels.   It was a $50 entry fee and a straight payout.  We had 12 runners go for the big bucks and it was a race against husband and wife.  Tony Glaze laid down a time of 15.165 with only a few runners to go, including his wife Sara.  Stevie Smith came in and ran a 14.764 moving Tony to 2nd place.  But it was not Stevie’s to win either, as Tony’s wife came blazing in, not holding anything back, and ran a 14.755 to win the POP-UP barrel race and $224.00.

Sunday was the big finals with 30 runners in each division qualified to run at a chance for a piece of the $13,087.00 finals payoff.  We started the finals with the slowest qualifying time and progressed to the fastest qualifying time.  When we started running the 2-D qualifiers, things started happening and arena times got a lot faster.  Ty Marks was not only running for a fast time but for a big check to keep him going down the road.  His grandparents, who haul Ty, told him in order for them to stay south and run at the next barrel race he would need to pickup a big check.  Riding two horse’s, he ran the first horse to give him a time of 15.359.  This was a very good run but now he had to wait to see how it would all end up, with the 1-D horses, including one of his own, Concur, getting ready to run.  They were draw number 90 and they put down a really nice time of 15.047.  Once again Ty would have to wait for 25 more runners and great horses to determine how he would end up.  Dana Haas also had two great horses to run starting with draw number 104, Lil Miss Runaway, and run they did making one of the best runs I have seen Dana make.  It was a beautiful 14.839 putting her in the lead, but with the top 10 qualifying horses still to run including her famous She’s A Power Train, draw number 108.  This mare has been known to set the arena on fire.  She ran a very fast time of 14.844 but not it was not enough to outrun Lil Miss Runaway.  Coming in as the 3rd fastest time was Brian Wheeler on Ms Frenchman Bully and much to his and all our disappointment they hit a barrel keeping them from going to the finals pay window.  Angela Gilliam, with the 2nd fastest qualifying time, also received the same fate with a hit barrel on her nice horse, AJ.  Coming into the finals with the fastest qualifying time was Darlene Moran on BRISCOCANGETIT.  He was looking dashing as ever with his beautiful mane and tail flying but, they were only able to run a 15.151 which was not enough to take them to the finals pay window.  So when all the dust settled, it was Dana Haas and Lil Miss Runway running away with all the money wining $1,296, and placing second on She’s a Power Train for another $1,060.  This gave her a total for the weekend of over $3000 in winnings including incentive race checks.  And what about Ty Marks?  Well, he won enough to keep him on the road, or enough to satisfy Grandma Brenda anyway, winning the 2-D with a 15.359 on Passum Up Bubblin, for $1,166.00.  Winning the finals 3-D was the big boy Scott Duke who made one of the best run’s of the weekend with a 15.883 and winning a check for $993.00.  And, last but not least, Ann Vautrin came into the finals with the slowest qualifying time but, won one of the big checks on her horse, QTS Poco Peppy Pepsi, clocking a 16.949 winning her the 4-D for $864.00. 

Well that is how a great weekend in Hattiesburg, MS went to start off 2009.  We are looking forward to a great year with our next event being the Easter Fun Run in April over Easter weekend.  Come join the fun and great barrel racing, and make sure to watch our famous POP-UP barrel race to be sponsored by www.cowgirlcandystore.com.  Until then, check out all the results from this race at www.tannertime.com    Lanette 


Dana Hass

Ty Marks

Scott Duke

Ann Vautrin


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