Earning her 10th go-round check of the finals, Cervi became the fifth woman in history to place in all 10 rounds of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. With an aggregate time of 138.15, she broke Jill Moody’s WNFR average record of 138.26 to take home the WNFR Champion saddle and the first-in-the-average check in the amount of $47,776.44. That amount also factors into the single season earnings record that she now owns as the first cowgirl to break the $300,000 mark – $303,317.14, to be exact. As icing on the cake, she was awarded the Ram Truck Top Gun Award as the contestant with the highest earnings in a single event at the WNFR; her $155,899.43 in finals earnings will ride comfortably home to Marana, Ariz., in a brand new Dodge truck. Shane Hanchey of Sulphur, La., was her closest contender with earnings of $134,765.63 in the tie down roping.

“It means a lot. You work hard and put a lot of time into getting here and for it to pay off like this is incredible. Stingray worked awesome this week and had a great year, and I just can’t say anything but that it’s really cool,” Cervi said following the closing ceremonies.

The 10th round barrel racing go-round buckle went to South Dakota cowgirl Lisa Lockhart. An Oakie With Cash worked to the tune of 13.88 seconds, banking the duo’s third go-round win for $18,630. Lisa and Louie finished third in the average, and all-totaled, their $102,163.46 NFR earnings brought them from 10th to third in the world standings in a matter of 10 days, capping the season at $184,200.85.

Jane Melby finished second in tonight’s round on First Down Perk with their 13.89-second run and will bring $48,377.41 in total NFR earnings to the bank in Burneyville, Okla. With a 14-flat, 2013 WPRA Reserve World Champion Mary Walker of Ennis, Texas finished third in the go-round on Perculatin to end the season with $229,363.08 total earnings. Sabrina Ketcham, Yeso, N.M., clocked a 14.05 on Swivel Ta Fame to place fourth in the round. Sherry Cervi finished fifth on MP Meter My Hay with a 14.15 and Shada Brazile placed sixth on Dial It Fast with a 14.16.

When Kaley Bass hit a barrel in tonight’s round, Brazile’s clean run moved her to second in the average to claim the WNFR Reserve Championship. Cervi and Brazile were the only two cowgirls to leave all barrels standing throughout the duration of the finals. The 2013 NFR was full of milestones for the Brazile family as Shada’s husband, Trevor, became the first cowboy to break the $5 million career earnings mark tonight and claimed his record 19th world title Tuesday with his 11th all-around gold buckle.

2013 was a profitable year for the elite ladies of the pro rodeo world; an unprecedented 12 barrel racers surpassed the $100,000 mark in season earnings upon the conclusion of this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. The Jerry Ann Taylor Best Dressed Cowgirl award and accompanying $5,000 bonus check went to Fallon Taylor of Whitesboro, Texas, who rode the 2013 AQHA/WPRA Horse of the Year Flos Heiress and her full sister, Nicks Nefertiti, throughout the finals. The top 15 voted Slick By Design, the black stallion ridden by Michele McLeod and owned by Jason Martin and Charlie Cole of High Point Performance Horses, the recipient of the Rising Star Award.

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Barrel Racing Results – 10th Go Round:

1.              Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, S.D., An Oakie With Cash, 13.88, $18,630
2.           Jane Melby, Burneyville, Okla., First Down Perk, 13.89, $14,724
3.          Mary Walker, Ennis, Texas, Perculatin, 14.00, $11,118
4.          Sabrina pokies online Ketcham, Yeso, N.M., Swivel Ta Fame, 14.05, $7,813
5.           Sherry Cervi, Marana, Ariz., MP Meter My Hay, 14.15, $4,808
6.           Shada Brazile, Decatur, Texas, Dial It Fast, 14.16, $3,005
7.          Jean Winters, Texline, Texas, Crickets Peppy Zan, 14.24
8.          Christy Loflin, Frankton, Colo., Sheza Blazin Move, 14.34
9.          Taylor Jacob, Carmine, Texas, Honor Thy Frenchman, 18.53
10.          Michele McLeod, Whitesboro, Texas, Slick By Design, 18.81
11.          Sydni Blanchard, Albuquerque, N.M., French Dream, 19.08
12.          Brittany Pozzi, Victoria, Texas, Shes Free To Flame, 19.18
13.          Kaley Bass, Kissimmee, Fla., Wonders Cowboy Dan, 19.29
14.          Trula Churchill, Valentine, Neb., A Streak Of Rita, 23.56
15.          Fallon Taylor, Whitesboro, Texas, Nicks Nefertiti, 24.09

Wrangler NFR Average Standings
Rank/Name/Aggregate/Aggregate Prize/Total NFR Earnings

1.     Sherry Cervi             138.15/10             $47,776.44            $155,899.43
2.     Shada Brazile             140.30/10             $38,762.02            $61,899.05
3.     Lisa Lockhart             143.71/10             $30,649.04             $102,163.46
4.     Kaley Bass            145.21/10            $22,536.06             $60,997.60
5.     Christy Loflin             150.74/10             $16,225.96             $43,369.38
6.     Mary Walker             153.21/10            $11,718.75             $92,247.61
7.     Jane Melby             154.41/10             $8,112.98             $48,377.41
8.     Michele McLeod            158.08/10             $4,507.21             $41,766.83
9.     Taylor Jacob             160.99/10             $0.00                        $82,431.09
10.   Jean Winters             166.12/10             $0.00                        $0.00
11.   Sydni Blanchard 166.52/10            $0.00                        $14,723.56
12.   Brittany Pozzi             168.89/10             $0.00                        $18,930.29
13.   Sabrina Ketcham171.06/10             $0.00                        $18,930.28
14.   Fallon Taylor             174.75/10             $0.00                        $15,925.48
15.   Trula Churchill             178.44/10             $0.00                         $23,587.73

Jack Daniel’s World Rankings
Rank/Name/Season Winnings/NFR Earnings/Total World Earnings

1.   Sherry Cervi            $147,417.70             $155,899.43            $303,317.14 
2.   Mary Walker             $137,115.47             $92,247.61            $229,363.08
3.   Lisa Lockhart             $82,037.39             $102,163.46            $184,200.85
4.   Taylor Jacob             $82,052.46            $82,431.90             $164,484.36
5.   Michele McLeod             $109,590.66             $41,766.83            $151,357.49
6.   Kaley Bass             $87,514.54             $60,997.60            $148,512.14
7.   Christy Loflin             $105,042.13             $43,369.38            $148,411.51
8.   Shada Brazile            $68,379.01            $61,899.05            $130,278.06
9.   Jane Melby             $76,264.66             $48,377.41            $124,642.07
10. Sabrina Ketcham             $100,217.15            $18,930.28            $119,147.73
11. Fallon Taylor            $100,859.83             $15,925.48             $116,785.31
12. Brittany Pozzi             $94,225.26             $18,930.29             $113,155.55
13. Trula Churchill             $66,725.53             $23,587.73             $90,313.26
14. Sydni Blanchard             $68,143.59             $14,723.56             $82,867.15
15. Jean Winters            $69,846.65             $0.00                         $69,846.65


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