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Savannah Sevens

Ryley DentRyley Dent | Savannah Sevens

Meet Ryley Dent….

“Of course it would be a sin to leave home without my turquoise jewelry and cowboy boots!” – Ryley Dent

In 2013, this Kansas cowgirl dreamed up the idea of Savannah Sevens Western Chic with hopes of bringing a collection of styles to those who have a love and appreciation for unique apparel & accessories, quality made products, and statement pieces hard to find anywhere else. If you have a love for all things turquoise, rustic living, horses, the western lifestyle, small town Saturday Nights, rodeos, or anything out past those city limit signs, then this online boutique is your new jam!

“My own personal style very much reflects what I’ve built the Savannah Sevens theme and collections around.” says Ryley Dent, owner of Savannah Sevens, “I feel like you can never go wrong with items a-little-bit vintage, with a touch of boho-charm, and captures a whole lot of cowgirl class.”

When asked about style at WNFR in December, Ryley sticks to the basics: “My go-to staples are denim and plaid that can be dressed up or down with accessories (big or small) like fringe, turquoise, serape or that perfectly weathered and worn pair of boots.” Ryley says, “Style is all about ownership. Be bold, be beautiful and own every look you put on.”

“I think making every outfit your own style will be the ‘Statement Makers’ this year,” Ryley continues, “use a variety of this season’s trends to mix textures, earth tones, layers, and accessories to create your own unique styled looks.”

  • Rustic/Vintage Accessories including Leather & Turquoise
  • Native American Accents including: beaded cuffs, handbags & clutches with deerskin, fringe, or rustic leather.
  • Hide or Navajo Blanket Boot Rugs

A few of the “Must Haves” in Ryley’s suitcase for Vegas:

  • Fringe dress
  • Boot Rugs
  • Texas Jack hide and turquoise tote
  • Vintage tooled belt and my mom’s copper patina trophy rodeo buckle from ’82
  • Outerwear with fur
  • Tasha Polizzi Cowgirl Clutch
  • Serape infinity scarf by Boot Rugs

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Savannah Sevens 3 watermarkSavannah Sevens

  • The Laramie dress
  • The Vail vest
  • The Lorettos boot
  • Porcupine Quill Earrings
  • Porcupine Quill Necklace
  • Texcoco Necklace
  • Tenessee Bracelet
  • Chattanooga Cuff
  • Atoka Cuff
  • Bowie Ring
  • Charlie 1 Horse hat >>

Coulee Creek Designs

 Melanie LugerMelanie Luger | Coulee Creek Designs 

Meet Melanie Luger…..

“Killer boots and turquoise is always right, no matter if it is paired with a suit, or jeans and a t-shirt.” – Melanie Luger

Melanie Luger is of the Mandan/Hidatsa tribe that originates from the upper Missouri River in North Dakota. Always having a strong love for turquoise jewelry and fashion, Melanie and a friend began making jewelry to fund their desire to shop. Their pieces were remarkably good and sold well at local rodeos and craft shows. Today, she owns and operates Coulee Creek Designs, and if you’re not already following them on either Facebook or Instagram, you are sorely missing out!

“Jewelry design has been my passion for years and I absolutely love turquoise!” says Melanie, owner of Coulee Creek Designs “A lot of my pieces incorporate turquoise and sparkle, which is always a staple in my wardrobe, especially during the WNFR.”

On staple fashion items that are in her closet: “I will splurge on Double D Ranchwear jackets, because they never go out of style. You can wear a Double D jacket from 1993 and still be on point today,” says Melanie.

For the WNFR, Melanie believes in throwing in something trendy in with your wardrobe. “I do tend to toss in some trendier pieces from time to time,” she continues, “I try to stay away from going overboard, but incorporating a current trend is always fun!”

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Coulee CreekCoulee Creek

  • Union of Angels white ruffle top
  • Vegan leather blazer with spikes and studs
  • Sleeping Beauty Squash blossom necklace with earrings,
  • Flying monkey wax coated jeans
  • Kurt Smith conch belt

“For this look, add boots for the rodeo, or heels for the Gold Buckle zone!” – Melanie

Coulee Creek 2Coulee Creek

  • Double D Ranchwear Amelia velvet top in Chicory
  • Turquoise petal necklace 21″ made by Coulee Creek
  • Love Token Coin Four strand turquoise necklace 18”
  • Love Token earrings
  • Turquoise tooled cross body bag
  • Old Gringo Nevada turquoise w/heavy stitch
  • Distressed jeans

“This is the perfect outfit for a day of shopping at Cowboy Christmas” – Melanie

The Dirty Gringa

Lauren BrockLauren Brock | The Dirty Gringa

Meet Lauren Brock….

“There are three things that The Dirty Gringa lives by: great fashion, stiff drinks and loud Honky-Tonks.” – Lauren Brock

Back in 2013, single mother Laren Brock was bartending long hours and felt like she was missing out on time with her 5 month old son. “I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom however, in today’s world; how is that even possible while trying to provide?” asks Lauren Brock. That is when the idea of The Dirty Gringa was born. “Unfortunately I earned the nickname ‘Dirty Gringa’ while living in New Mexico and refusing drinks to unruly bar regulars.” Lauren laughs, “It has stuck with me ever since and, I knew this would be the perfect name for my company!

The Dirty Gringa is just as it sounds – witty and somewhat inappropriate. You will need a small sense of humor to truly enjoy this boutique. Their main focus is sassy graphic tees, bell bottoms, and you guessed it: squash blossom necklaces. Authentic, Native American made turquoise jewelry is basically what Laruen lives for, so if you are on the hunt for your statement squash, look no further than The Dirty Gringa.

As we approach the NFR there are two staples Lauren will have with her in Vegas: A multitude of squash blossom necklaces and BC Powder! Look for her new line of fashy and sassy tees to hit her store January.

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the dirty gringa 2The Dirty Gringa

  • Mustard Suede Bells – $35
  • Cactus Button Down – $44
  • Squash Blossom – contact for pricing

Dirty GringaThe Dirty Gringa

  • Fiesta Cardi – $44
  • Boho Bells – $48
  • Squash Blossom Necklace – contact for pricing

Wild Bleu

Tierney Perkins wildbleuTierney Perkins | Wild Bleu
Meet Tierney Perkins….

“I never knew strength until I became a Mama, but I think my boy is the one with super powers. He’s the most extraordinary person I’ve ever had the honor of loving.” – Tierney Perkeins

Wild Bleu originated as a distinct, boutique collection of feminine silhouettes and modern trends by two soul sisters, Tierney and Leslie. Their omni-channel mercantile is a fetching menagerie of exclusive handcrafted leatherwork, modern-day heirlooms, feminine silhouettes with that tinge western heritage.

“The WNFR in Las Vegas is this magical fusion that emboldens a special brand of western fashion,” Tierney, Co-Owner of Wild Bleu begins, “I love seeing the women in our demographic indulge in more dramatic looks and fun ensembles. It’s a rare moment for so many who spend much of their time in muck boots and jeans; they have earned those looks.” Tierney continues, “Seeing old friends, and new, marvel at one another’s baubles and tell the stories that these tokens represent – “this was my Daddy’s belt’ or “it’s my Granny’s squash blossom”, these tales are as old as time, and I adore the stories that our accessories can tell.”

Tierney’s suggestion on packing for Vegas this year? Stop Stressing. “My advice is to wear what makes you feel good, whatever that means to you. I’ve felt so much fashion anxiety from customers the last couples of weeks because they’re overwhelmed with being on trend,” Tierney explains, “but our genre should be fashion outlaws at large. I’ll deduce to this: If you’re having too much fun, you’re doing it right!”

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wild bleu 1Wild Bleu
wild bleu 3Wild Bleu
wild bleu 4Wild Bleu
wild bleu 2Wild Bleu


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