1760 Babyflo BOX LR webBreyer Animal Creations® honors Fallon Taylor’s Babyflo. They burst out of the chute at a gallop in a blur of chestnut and pink as they round the barrels at a dizzying pace. As the fans scream urging them on, the colorful and indomitable Fallon Taylor and Flos Heiress (better known as Babyflo) are staking out new turf in the world of rodeo sports and making barrel racing exciting again.

And now Breyer Animal Creations® will honor Fallon Taylor’s Babyflo with her own Breyer Portrait model! Babyflo’s Breyer model will debut at the 2015 NFR and will be available nationally in January 2016.

Fallon Taylor got an early start in barrel racing, qualifying for her first National Finals Rodeo (NFR) at just13 years old. After a few years on the circuit and qualifying for the NFR four times, she took a break to pursue opportunities in modeling and acting. After years away from the sport, her cowgirl spirit called her back to horses. It was that very same spirit that aided in her recovery from a traumatic riding injury in 2009 that left her with a fractured skull and a broken vertebra in her neck. When she was ready to compete again, she started riding Flos Heiress, a 2006 American Quarter Horse mare that was bred and trained by Taylor and her family.

After a 15-year hiatus from the NFR, Taylor and Babyflo qualified for Taylor’s 5th NFR in 2013. That same year Babyflo was named the AQHA/WPRA Barrel Horse of the Year. After a disappointing performance in the finals, Taylor went home and reevaluated the way she trained and competed, vowing to come back better than ever. 

In 2014 she did just that at her 6th NFR. Taylor reentered the arena with a new attitude and a new accessory – a helmet. While cowboy hats are the standard in rodeo, Taylor is proud to show that you can be safe and a champion. After several exciting rounds of racing, Taylor and Babyflo cinched the 2014 WPRA World Championship title, and placed second in the average at the NFR. Taylor was also was given the “Jerry Ann Taylor Best Dressed” award for her flashy ring style, which seems only appropriate given that Fallon also has her own clothing line known as Ranch Dress’n!

Fallon Taylor and Babyflo’s story just goes to show that with a little determination and the courage to let your own colors shine, you can achieve anything!

Breyer’s Babyflo model will be debut and be available on site at the NFR’s Cowboy Christmas at the Griggs & Co. and Ranch Dress’n retail booths. Watch for the model to be on sale nationwide in January 2016 at your favorite Breyer retailer and on BreyerHorses.com.


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