Competing first on the ground, McDonald piloted her mare Fame Fling And Bling (Bling) to a 13.67, which, with it’s accompanying check of $26,230, gave her a $213 lead over Lisa Lockhart. Lockhart, a crowd-favorite, had been leading the WNFR Aggregate and World Standings, and ran a 13.76, but a downed first barrel cost moved her to fourth in the average standings. Sarah Rose McDonald and Fame Fling And Bling Win Round 7Sarah Rose McDonald and Fame Fling And Bling Win Round 7

“It feels awesome (to be first in World Standings), but there are still three more rounds left. I’ve gone into every round with a clear mind and tried to make every step of the run count, so that’s what we’ll do for the last three rounds,” McDonald said.

There’s been much debate about the ground conditions at the Thomas & Mack, and McDonald allowed that she believed being near the top of the ground is an advantage. “I do think it helps you out in this pen. I started out running on the bottom of the ground, and I knew this would be my only chance on the top so I wanted to make it count,” she said.

McDonald and her father had discussed her approach to the first barrel following round six, as Bling had been hugging the inside rail. “Tonight Bling was really on the muscle – she was waiting on them to open the gate. I knew we needed to get a better angle and get more on the outside rail to get a good first barrel, and we did tonight,” she said. “She kinda popped off the second a little bit, but she made up for it on the third barrel. It was very close there!”

McDonald graciously thanked all the people who have been supporting her and Bling, especially those who have been keeping the mare sound. “Dr. Tanner and Jess Harper – I owe it to them. They’re keeping her happy and healthy and I think she’s having fun in there!”

Callie DuPerier, who entered the WNFR as first in the world, still has a chance at the World Championship, as she sits first in the aggregate after finishing second in round two with a 13.87. Michele McLeod rounded out the top three with the only other sub-14 second run.

Jana Bean of Ft. Hancock picked up her first check of the finals with a fourth place finish, while WPRA Rookie Jackie Ganter moved to second in the average after placing fifth. Canadian Deb Guelly took sixth place to win her first money of the WNFR.

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Barrel Racing Results – Sixth Go Round:

1. Sarah Rose McDonald, 13.87, $23,481

2. Callie DuPerier, 13.87, $20,730

3. Michele McLeod, 13.95, $15,653

4. Jana Bean, 14.01, $11,000

5. Jackie Ganter, 14.09, $6,769

6. Deb Guelly, 14.17, $4,230

7. Sherry Cervi, 14.28

8. Vicki Carter, 14.29

9. Carley Richardson, 14.40

10. Lisa Lockhart, 18.76

11. Mary Walker, 18.88

12. Cassidy Kruse, 19.10

13. Taylor Jacob, 19.25

14. Nancy Hunter, 19.53

15. Fallon Taylor, 24.11


1. Callie DuPerier, 98.10

2. Jackie Ganter, 99.08

3. Sarah Rose McDoald, 101.93

4. Lisa Lockhart, 102.11

5. Cassidy Kruse, 102.90

6. Michele McLeod, 103.55

7. Sherry Cervi, 104.28

8. Carley Richardson, 109.90

9. Vickie Carter, 110.22

10. Taylor Jacob, 112.43

11. Fallon Taylor, 112.93

12. Mary Walker, 113.09

13. Deb Guelly, 115.35

14. Nancy Hunter, 118.95

15. Jana Bean, 119.64

World Standings:

1. Sarah Rose McDonald, $247,195

2. Lisa Lockhart, $246,982

3. Callie DuPerier, $227,692

4. Cassidy Kruse, $163,268

5. Taylor Jacob, $162,220

6. Fallon Taylor, $155,848

7. Michele McLeod, $140,051

8. Nancy Hunter, $138,416

9. Mary Walker, $135,178

10. Sherry Cervi, $114,744

11. Carley Richardson, $101,147

12. Jackie Ganter, $94,549

13. Jana Bean, $81,162

14. Deb Guelly, $73,999

15. Vickie Carter, $72,768


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