“This morning I got to get in there (Thomas and Mack Center arena) and work him and I kind of over emphasized him going up past the first, because he sometimes gets a little short going into that first barrel,” Jacob said. “He dang sure went by the first a little tonight. When I said ‘whoa’ he did and he almost came back on top of it, but the second and first were great.

“Just go fast and go for the round,” Jacob continued as she described her game plan going into the next seven rounds.

Jacob flew into the arena sporting a flashing gold outfit aboard her 10-year-old gelding, who is by the Frenchmans Guy son, Frenchmans Feature, and out of Honey Ofa Jet, who is by Jet Of Honor. Her attire was planned to make a statement, but not for herself. Photo by Kenneth SpringerTaylor Jacob turns the third barrel in 9.8 seconds. Photo by Kenneth Springer

“Nancy Hunter has a son who had childhood cancer, so she emailed us all and we all got on board to use it as a platform to raise awareness for childhood cancer,” Jacob explained.

With Jacob’s round win she moved up one position in the world standings to No. 8 and currently sits at No. 13 in the aggregate race. Although it took until Round No. 3 for the win Jacob said she’s excited and ready for the next seven.

“It’s great!” Jacob said of her win. “I’m telling you, I’ve been wanting to come down here (WNFR media room) all week. I didn’t want it to take three rounds, but better late than never!” Taylor Jacob takes a victory lap sporting an outfit of gold for childhood cancer

            Cassidy Kruse, first time NFR qualifier, has been having a phenomenal Finals and she continued her winning streak in Round No. 3. Kruse rode JKR Assured Win to second place in the round with a time of 13.80, adding $20,231 dollars to her Finals earnings moving her from No. 5 to No. 4 in the world standings. She is also keeping a tight grip on her aggregate lead.

            Another WNFR first timer, Carley Richardson, pulled a paycheck in the third round splitting the third and fourth place positions with 2014 World Champion Fallon Taylor. Richardson and Taylor turned in times of 13.83. Each cowgirl earned $13,327 for the tie placing. Taylor moved to No. 6 in the world standings. Sarah Rose McDonald turned in a 13.84 for fifth place in the round, while Lisa Lockhart turned in a solid time of 13.94 for the last paying position at sixth place. Lockhart still holds the lead in the world standings with a $13,790 lead over second place DuPerier.

            Don’t miss the February issue of Barrel Horse News to read in-depth coverage of all the great stories from the 2015 Wrangler NFR.

Barrel Racing Results – First Go Round:

  1. Taylor Jacob, 13.77, $26,231
  2. Cassidy Kruse, 13.80, $20,731

3/4. Carley Richardson, 13.83, $13,327

3/4. Fallon Taylor, 13.83, $13,327

5.   Sarah Rose McDonald, 13.84, $4,231

6. Lisa Lockhart, 13.94, $4,231

7. Nancy Hunter, 14.00

8. Callie DuPerier, 14.08

9. Jackie Ganter, 14.10

10. Mary Walker, 14.15

11. Vickie Carter, 14.17

12. Sherry Cervi, 14.38

13. Michele McLeod, 19.03

14. Deb Guelly, 19.43

15. Jana Bean, 19.65


1. Cassidy Kruse, 41.67 seconds on three

2. Lisa Lockhart, 41.83

3. Fallon Taylor, 41.97

4. Jackie Ganter, 42.28

5. Callie DuPerier, 42.34

6. Sherry Cervi, 42.61

7. Sarah Rose McDonald, 46.67

8. Michele McLeod, 46.99

9. Carley Richardson, 47.18

10. Mary Walker, 47.33

11. Vickie Carter, 47.86

12. Jana Bean, 48.17

13. Taylor Jacob, 51.62

14. Deb Guelly, 52.93

15. Nancy Hunter, 57.14

World Standings:

1. Lisa Lockhart, $197,482

2. Callie DuPerier, $183,692

3. Sarah Rose McDonald, $167,023

4. Cassidy Kruse, $145,077

5. Mary Walker, $135,759

6. Fallon Taylor, $130,886

7. Michele McLeod, $117,628

8. Taylor Jacob, $116,739

9. Sherry Cervi, $114,744

10. Nancy Hunter, $106,68

11. Carley Richardson, $101,147

12. Jackie Ganter, $87,780

13. Vickie Carter, $72,768

14. Jana Bean, $70,162

15. Deb Guelly, $69,769


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